Sister Wives: Christine Brown Swoons Over Shawn Mendes’ Message At Concert

Sister Wives star Christine Brown put her Kool-Aid mom hat on again last night as she hit a Shawn Mendes concert with her daughter. It looks like the Sister Wives mom accompanied Ysabel Brown, 16, and her young friend, Hayden Mae to the event. While the teens were over the moon with excitement, it looks like Christine Brown’s enthusiasm had them beat.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Sings Praises to Shawn Mendes After Concert

When the concert was over, the thrill for Christine Brown didn’t diminish. What this Sister Wives mother heard in the lyrics of Shawn Mendes’ songs left her high on life. Christine not only heard the famous singer-songwriter perform his tunes but it sounds as if she asked him a question. The answer to that question put Christine needing to share this message.

The Sister Wives celeb writes: “I asked Shawn Mendes about how we stop bullying because he’s been so open about being bullied and his answer was love!! Let’s find why the bully is bullying and help them too.”

The Mendes tour schedule put the pop star in Glendale, Arizona, at the Gila River Arena Tuesday night. So it looks like the journey to the concert consisted of just a car ride from the Sister Wives new Flagstaff home.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown - Hayden Mae

Singer Touched Kool-Aid Mom’s Soul

The third wife of Kody Brown was so impressed with Mendes’ lyrics that she went as far as to say he touched her soul. Christine Brown started one of her two posts with “Our lives improve tonight” after getting the message Mendes’ sent his audience.

Instead of turning the other cheek and walking away from a bully, Christine suggests folks find out why the bully is bullying. Then go the extra step by trying to help that bully.

The Sister Wives mom also did one of her famous “Car Confession” segments that she does on Instagram stories. This was on the way to the concert as she seemed hyped up for their destination. Then there’s a shot of Ysabel and her friend in the backseat. Both seem equally as hyped as mom Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: Mendes World Tour Continues

Mendes is in the middle of his worldwide tour which kicked off in Dublin, Ireland, back in May. In June the tour brought him to Portland Oregon. He spent that entire month touring Canada and the northern US states. July brings Mendez from California to Dallas and many states in between. The Sister Wives mother-daughter duo caught his Arizona show.

August brings him up and down the East Coast from Boston to Florida. He has only one concert in September and that’s in Toronto. The Canadian singer’s world tour ends in his home country.

It sounds like Shawn Mendes brought this mom from Sister Wives much comfort. It also looks like the singing sensation gets a big thumbs up from this famous Sister Wives spouse when it comes to appropriate music for younger teens.

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