‘Sister Wives’: Fans Swipe at Over-Dressed Christine and ‘Nanny Hat’ Robyn in New Pic

Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown and Christine Brown appear in a new pic online but fans have something to say about the way they’re dressed. The picture was posted by Janelle Brown who offers up the description for the setting of the photo.

It seems for the Fourth of July a “small part” of the Sister Wives tribe enjoyed a parade. Later they went to the city’s fireworks in their new hometown of Flagstaff. In the pic, which is posted below, you can see two of the four moms. That’s Christine and Robyn Brown, surrounded by a bunch of kids. Since the photo is on Janelle’s Instagram page, it looks as if she might have taken the picture.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Robyn Brown Over Dressed?

So it appears the Sister Wives celebs, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown, set up a camp by the curb for a ringside seat for watching the parade. In the photo, it looks like they have kids of all ages with them from Robyn’s youngest to the teenagers in the family.

When Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown, posted this Sister Wives photo she remarked it was only 80 degrees. Janelle also compared it to a “fun change” from Vegas, a  place where the thermometer often hits triple digits in the summertime.

Sure, they can’t fry eggs on the Flagstaff sidewalks. But 80 degrees might be uncomfortably warm for some folks. That’s probably why one of the Sister Wives followers wrote they “look way overdressed” for that temp.

Sister Wives: Family

Nanny Hat and Long Sleeves

Another Sister Wives follower wanted to know if Robyn is the person in the nanny hat. She’s sitting in a chair with a straw hat on her head and holding her sunglasses in her hand. Both she and Christine sport long-sleeved shirts which might look hot on a summer’s day.

Another observant viewer of this picture commented that the girl sitting next to Robyn looks like she’s flipping the bird. When you take a closer look, the girl has a few fingers up but from further away it may look like that.

While this group from the Sister Wives brood hung out waiting for the parade to start they all appear happy. Janelle writes that they love their new town. It’s the Fourth of July and the family went to the parade and fireworks to celebrate. But where is Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: New Season – ‘Yes’

The latest Sister Wives news puts them filming a new season. While TLC, Kody Brown, or his wives haven’t offered anything official about a new season it looks like someone in the family at least confirmed it. That would be Gwendlyn Brown, the 16-year-old daughter of Christine Brown and Kody Brown.  She offered a Q&A on her Instagram page for fans so they could ask her questions. When asked if she knew about a new season for the Sister Wives, she offered up a hint – “yes”.

Going back to that latest photo online of Christine Brown, with Robyn Brown and the kids at the parade, they look like one happy Sister Wives clan. Despite having more than one mom, they’re about as traditional in every way when it comes to celebrating the birthdate of this nation. So they looked dressed a bit too warm for an 80-degree day. And yes, grandmothers do wear straw hats to shade out the sun but so do other age groups as well.

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