‘Sister Wives’: Is Robyn Brown Pregnant and Battling Morning Sickness – New Season Reveal?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown spurs questions recently of whether she may be pregnant. There is a mystery around her these days, though, and now several clues recently emerged. First, she’s missing from family photos and from the Brown clan functions over the past few months. It seems that for one of the last functions Robyn Brown missed the excuse hinted at something more.

She didn’t make it to one family event after getting up that morning and not feeling well. But she felt better later that day. It’s not only Robyn missing from the photos, but an air of mystery is also found elsewhere. A couple of recent pictures online, along with some observations by folks in the Flagstaff area, also act as clues. So, is Robyn Brown pregnant?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Mysteriously Out of Sight

Remember, the 40-year-old wife of Kody Brown is still within the age range of childbearing. But does Robyn want more kids? When that question was asked during a Sister Wives interview a while back, she didn’t say no. She basically said whatever comes along in the future is how it was meant to be. It sounds as if she left that decision to a higher power. Robyn said: “At this point, we feel like we’re done, but we’re open to God’s inspiration.”

When Robyn was missing from the family photo taken for Aspyn Brown Thompson’s graduation, chatter started online. Aspyn offered up an excuse for Robyn, who is one of the four mothers in this plural marriage that makes up the Sister Wives clan. Aspyn said that Robyn woke not feeling well but was expected to join them later for the celebration. While nothing was said about why Robyn wasn’t feeling up to par, could it be morning sickness?

No Pictures from Trips or Events

Robyn was also missing from the Sister Wives family pictures taken at Disneyworld. With all the thrills offered at this amusement park with the rides, if Robyn Brown were pregnant, you can understand why she may back out of that outing. If she is pregnant and coping with morning sickness, the smells at Disneyworld alone could be a nightmare with all the food vendors and aroma.

It’s also recommended that a pregnant woman not get on theme park rides. Then there’s all the heat and walking in the sunny California theme park. None of that is pregnancy-friendly, particularly not in the more sensitive first trimester. Another thing Robyn Brown stopped doing was filling orders for her online business – My Sister Wife’s Closet.

She stopped taking customer orders a few months back, according to reports. The youngest of the Sister Wives has also been mysteriously absent from her Instagram accounts for a few months as well. She may be feeling sick or too tired to deal with business obligation and social media activity right now if she does happen to be in the family way.

Sister Wives: Remember How Robyn Brown Felt During Last Pregnancy?

If Robyn Brown is pregnant and suffering morning sickness, it wouldn’t be the first time. Back in 2015, this Sister Wives mom suffered terribly from this side effect of pregnancy. She tweeted about it on a couple of occasions while pregnant with baby number 18 for the Brown family, Ariella Mae Brown. If this is the case again it might explain the latest reports suggesting Kody Brown lives mostly at Robyn’s place.

The reports put his two vehicles parked at Robyn’s house every night. So maybe he needs to be there to help Robyn. Sister Wives fans think Kody Brown is playing favorites but all along maybe he’s just being a good husband and dad? If Robyn is pregnant and also dealing with morning sickness, she’s going to need help with her two youngest kids. Ariella is still in diapers at three-years-old and Solomon Brown is seven-years-old.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Solomon Brown - Kody Brown - Ari Brown

Kody and Meri Brown Join Forces for a Little Parenting Time?

It looks like Kody Brown rose to the occasion with his latest Sister Wives post online. He jokes that he gave Ari (Ariella) a bath after he changed a “blowout” diaper. Whether Robyn Brown was feeling under the weather or not, this dad spent some dad time with his daughter. At the same time, Meri Brown posted a picture of her and Solomon. She said she cuddled with him after he took a spill with his bike. The two looked like happy buddies in that online post.

So it looks like over the weekend, both Kody and Meri gave Robyn Brown a hand with the youngest two kids. Her older three are pretty self-sufficient. Dayton Brown is 19, Aurora Brown is 17, and Breanna Brown at 13-years old can do things the two little ones still can’t do like cooking. Kids at Ari and Solomon’s ages still need a lot of looking after. Was Meri and Kody at Robyn’s house this weekend lending a hand because Robyn is battling morning sickness? Will Sister Wives add another Brown to their brood of 18?

Sister Wives: Is TLC Keeping a Surprise for New Season?

So if Robyn Brown is pregnant, why all the secrecy? With reports circling about Sister Wives cameras following the Brown clan’s lives once again, this means they’re likely filming a new season. If Robyn Brown is pregnant, that would be a great surprise for Sister Wives fans. Perhaps TLC is planning to spring this on the viewers during the new season.

While there’s nothing official about a new season from TLC as yet, the cameras are usually the first indication in the past that the show’s been renewed. So the unanswered question of the day has to do with Kody Brown’s wife number four. Is Robyn Brown pregnant with baby 19 for the Brown family? If so, this would be the sixth child for Robyn. We’ll keep you updated.

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