‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives Drop Weight – Turn Tables on Robyn?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown fancies himself a ladies man thanks to Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown granting him plenty of attention over the past few decades. The four wives of Kody Brown have always been beautiful women even when carrying excess weight from time to time. So the patriarch of this plural marriage looks like one lucky man. But are the tables turning on one wife, Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Likes Curvy Women?

When Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family back in 2010, she was much thinner than Kody Brown’s three original wives. At the time Janelle, Christine, and Meri said they weren’t bothered by the trim figure Robyn sported. During a few interviews back then, the original wives declared that Kody Brown liked his women on the curvy side.

Still, Kody gravitated toward Robyn Brown and soon she had the reputation of patriarch’s favorite wife. In more recent years reports indicate that Robyn was the only wife who continued to have an intimate relationship with the husband of four.

Below – Christine and Meri Brown as they were a few years back.

Sister Wives:Christine Brown and Meri Brown

Meri Brown and Christine Brown show off the results of their transformation in the photos below. Besides losing weight, their once matronly-like mode of attire disappeared as well.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Meri Brown Along With Christine Brown Stomp Out Curvy?

Jump ahead to 2019 and the social media sites of Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown, show three women going through a transformation. Janelle is on a health kick these days and looking wonderful. But both Meri and Christine’s pictures show a substantial weight loss.

The transformation for both Meri Brown and her SW co-spouse Christine Brown seems to come with their renewed interest in Kody Brown. Sister Wives viewers got to see Meri flirt with her husband on last Sunday’s SW episode. Christine seems more attentive than ever to the man she shares with three other women.

Does Robyn Brown have Competition?

It looks like they might be turning the tables on Robyn Brown these days. Sister Wives fans picked up on Robyn seething when her husband came back from his Flagstaff trip with Meri in one of the latest episodes. It was also easy to see that Meri’s time alone with her husband worked at swaying an important decision.

When Kody left with Meri Brown to go to Flagstaff, he was excited to show her the building site that Robyn and Christine fell in love with. That was Coyote Pass. Instead, Meri gravitated toward another area, Cottonwood.

Signs are All There

Upon their return home, Kody sided with Meri on the location and it looked like Robyn was not a happy camper. So it would seem as if Meri’s playful exchanges with Kody on that trip switched some gears.

Christine Brown seems to hang on every word to come out of Kody’s lips. In one of the last few Sister Wives episodes, she wanted to stay back in Vegas for another year so the kids could stay in the schools they’re in.

When the husband of four told her no, Christine took that as gospel. She felt Kody wouldn’t lead her or any of the family in the wrong direction. It’s easy to see she adores the man she married.

Eyes on Kody Brown

Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, and his third wife, Christine Brown, are looking great these days. While Janelle does too but she doesn’t seem to have as much desire for Kody today as the other two. Christine and Meri seem to take more interest in their husband lately.

And… it looks like Kody is taking interest in them as well. In the new season of Sister Wives, a few shots of the head of the family enjoying the attention he gets from Christine, as well as Meri once again.

Today it looks like Kody Brown has more than just Robyn vying for his attention.

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