‘Sister Wives’: Robyn’s Weight and Breathing Woes Stop Kody’s Family Planning?

Sister Wives fans jumped online to suggest Robyn Brown might be in the family way again with Kody Brown. It appears the talk started after she wore a free-flowing blouse recently on the TLC show. If she was preggo, that would be Brown baby number three.

Robyn hasn’t ruled out having another baby with Kody Brown. She talked about it during one of the reality show confessionals. But, it’s highly unlikely, according to someone who claims to be in the know.

Robyn says she left family planning to a higher power. But as baby buzz makes the rounds online, a former close friend of Robyn’s claims it’s not happening. So, here’s what is known about this Kody Brown baby talk.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Pregnancy Talk

It seems this ex-friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, knows an awful lot about Robyn Brown. Or so she insinuates. Furthermore, she’s been dishing on the Sister Wives spouses lately. This includes Meri Brown as she blabbed that the first wife is dating other men (but that is totally unsubstantiated talk from this unconfirmed source).

Still, if what this woman says happens to be true, Robyn is not in the family way. It sounds as if there’s a good reason for Robyn Brown to pass on another pregnancy. It seems Robyn has breathing problems that worses when she’s pregnant, according to Kendra, her one-time buddy.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Breathing Problems and Weight Gain

Still, Robyn is moving to Flagstaff which is almost 7,000 feet above sea level. High altitude cities may cause difficulty with breathing issues. And breathing troubles are reportedly not the only problem Robyn experiences during pregnancy.

Her alleged ex-buddy explained Robyn gained quite a bit of weight with her last baby. The fourth Sister Wives spouse also found it extremely hard to lose those pounds afterward. The reported friend also mentioned Robyn is concerned about weight gain as another reason she doesn’t want another baby.

Kody Brown Competes With Kids?

If Kody Brown and Robyn had another Sister Wives child, that baby would be the right age to play with Kody’s grandchildren. Axel Brush, Maddie Brown Brush’s little boy, would actually have an aunt or uncle younger than him if Robyn was expecting a baby.

Meanwhile, Maddie is currently expecting baby number two, so Kody’s daughter and wife Robyn would be pregnant at the same time if this online chatter proves true. One thing is for sure, if Kody plans to add more kids to the family, he’ll have plenty of room for them.

Sister Wives – One Ark of a House

It seems Kody’s dream is to create one house for all four Sister Wives spouses in Flagstaff. That would be one humongous dwelling. When the blueprints were revealed on Sunday night’s show, it was easy to see he’s got a master plan for communal living.

Oddly enough, there’s not been any mention of the type of house Kody Brown is building in Flagstaff. That building plan showed on the last episode, but that was filmed last year.  Still, there’s nothing in the news about their building progress.

But, if Kody Brown does get his way, that one home will house all the kids they have now with room for plenty more. Yet so far, it seems this talk about Robyn Brown having another baby remains idle chatter and unconfirmed.

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