‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown At Wits End As Kids Play With ‘Poisonous’ Dirt

Sister Wives new episode for Sunday night shows Kody Brown a bit frazzled after a warning about the ground they’re standing on. The father of 18 and husband of four doesn’t seem to do well with too much stimulation. All you have to do is watch his behavior on the latest family outing to figure that out.

Sister Wives Family Outing – Turns Dangerous

Kody Brown takes his entire Sister Wives group to Flagstaff on Sunday night’s episode. Once the Brown brood caravan lands at one of the properties they’re looking at to build, Coyote Pass, – chaos ensues.

While Christine and Robyn want to move to Coyote Pass, Meri and Kody Brown prefer the Cottonwood location. Previously each wife had their turn alone with Kody viewing property in Flagstaff except for Janelle.

More in Dirt Than Meets the Eye

Now with two for Coyote Pass and two for Cottonwood, Janelle has the deciding vote. So Janelle, Meri, Robyn, and Christine rustle up a line of vehicles and accompany Kody Brown to Flagstaff. This time they’re all together and they have more than a dozen kids in tow.

Suddenly the focus is off the buying of the property an on the dangers that lurk underfoot. It’s a bit alarming what the Sister Wives clan finds out next.

Bubonic Plague Lurking

Once they’re all out of the vehicles, the kids are running around in this rather barren field. The real estate agent Shelbi tells the Sister Wives adults that they shouldn’t let the kids play in the dirt.

It’s not about getting dirty – it’s about getting the plague. The Bubonic plague is a bacteria spread by fleas left behind from the prairie dogs in the area. If a human comes in contact with one of those infected fleas – they’re in danger of contracting the black death.

Sister Wives: Warnings on Plague

According to reports, fleas are left behind in the dirt from prairie dogs and rodents. The prairie dogs dug the holes that the Sister Wives children attempted to play in. Christine Brown said sarcastically into the camera that she thought Truely ate some of the dirt.

The Browns are looking for land in Arizona about a year after it was confirmed the plague was present in the area prairie dogs. After prairie dogs were found dead in 2017, tests revealed they died of the Plague, according to People Magazine.

The dead prairie dogs were found in an area just outside Flagstaff. This is probably close by to where Kody Brown has his family property hunting. Check out the video below for the scene containing the prairie dog and Bubonic plague warning.

Not Enough to Stop the Move?

Christine tells the Sister Wives camera that she doesn’t care that Shelbi finds the possibility of plague so serious. Christine then claims she still wants to relocate to Coyote Pass. Apparently the threat of Bubonic plague didn’t bother her.

Kody Brown calls his family together while out on this perspective building lot. The kids got out of the cars and instantly spread out all over the property. And yes, they also played in the dirt. He tells them there’s poison in the dirt so they can’t play with it.

Kody Brown Huffs, Puffs, and Whines Over the Kids In the Dirt

While the patriarch is on the camera alone, he’s huffing, puffing, and whining. He can’t take much more of this. “Get the kids out of the dirt,” Kody Brown echos into the camera. Yep, he looks like a man about to pull out his hair. “I don’t need this,” whines the patriarch of this clan.

So it looks Coyote Pass comes with more than they bargained regarding the soil and area plague-infected critters. But will this detour the Sister Wives brood from moving here?

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