‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s New Gig – Yep, That’s Him in TV Commercial [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown showcases his charismatic self in a new gig, one that potentially benefits the patriarch of this plural marriage. Seems like Kody Brown is now starring in a commercial while strutting out his sales pitch. So, this is him on television without TLC cameras rolling – or his wives at his side.

Sister Wives: Look! Kody Brown In a TV Ad

It appears there’s more to this commercial than just a new gig for Kody Brown. The man with four wives looks like he stands to make a bit of money from the outcome of the sales. So why is he now peddling his Las Vegas homes?

The Sister Wives clan moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, before selling all their homes in Vegas. This has to be one hefty financial burden on the Brown family. That could explain why Kody decided to lend a hand now to try and sell the houses.

Brown Patriarch Extends an Invitation to Everyone

The father of 18 kids invites the viewing audience to the “three” open houses this weekend. He does suggest these are the houses his Sister Wives family called home while they lived in Vegas.

For those within driving distance of this area, the event is billed as an “Open House Extravaganza”. It takes place this weekend on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. Kody is using his semi-famous face to entice folks to this sale event. Is this a desperate move to unload the properties he still owns?

Three Sister Wives Homes For Sale – Kody Brown Pitching

The Sister Wives episode the viewers watched last week was filmed back in Spring of 2018. At that time, Kody was still trying to convince his wives to move to Flagstaff. In real-time, they’ve lived there since last Summer.

So it seems, Kody left town while still owning a few of the houses in SIn City. So how did this happen? This certainly doesn’t coincide with what their real estate agent Mona said on last Sunday’s Sister Wives episode.

Realtor Predicted Fast 30-Day Sale – So What Happened?

Mona stopped by Christine’s house to give her pointers before she listed the house. She told both Christine and her husband, with the Sister Wives cameras rolling, that the Vegas house market is moving fast. She also told Christine that she can expect to sell the house within 30-days of putting it on the market.

Here it is almost a year later and Kody hops onto a TV commercial to help unload the still-unsold properties. Further, it looks like a rather dire attempt to sell the remaining houses. You can catch Sister Wives’ hubby Kody and his sales-pitch in the video above with real estate broker Tom Love.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives Sighting? Papa Brown Wants to See You There

It sounds like Kody Brown plans to attend these open houses. Although it could be a play on words, he throws out there as a ploy to get more folks to come. Kody says, “I would personally like to invite you to come and see our homes in the cul-de-sac, as presented by the Tom Love Group”.

Kody also adds, “please join us for an open house”. He then continues with “Love to see you there.” Is that an invitation to meet Kody Brown in person at these open houses? The Sister Wives husband of four never actually said that he would attend himself, but he sure made it sound that way.

Also, it appears that realtor Mona is no longer in the picture as she doesn’t work with the realtor from the ad. With houses left sitting this long, changes agents makes sense. And, while the realtor nor Kody Brown say the TLC show by name, they are sure to mention that the three home were often seen on TV.

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