‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Business Shuts Down – Hints to New Season Filming

Sister Wives fans knock at the online door of a business owned by Robyn Brown but no one is answering. So, you can no longer place an order. The website, My Sisterwife’s Closet, sits dormant and fans want to know what happened. At the same time, viewerros of Sister Wives, featuring Kody Brown and four wives, wait for TLC to say yeah or nay to a new season. But so far, there’s no answer at that door either.

While no official word of the patriarch and his wives coming back to TLC emerge, hints start to pop up. Some believe My Sisterwife’s Closet closing down is somehow related to the back taxes this Sister Wives family owes on their Flagstaff properties. But maybe that’s not the case. Just maybe the Brown clan is in front of the cameras again. Making them too busy for other things.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown – My Sisterwife’s Closet In Moth Balls

The site for My Sisterwife’s Closet names Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown as founders as well as Robyn Brown. Although, folks refer to it the business as belonging to Robyn Brown. It seemed the rest of the Sister Wives clan slowly went their different ways with their own businesses leaving Robyn Brown the sole entrepreneur. Or at least it looked that way.

Of all times not to take orders – on the cusp of Mother’s Day. This doesn’t seem like good business practice. It also leaves many assuming there’s not much interest in this online store from anyone in the Sister Wives family today. Considering the site sells all the types of gifts, like items of jewelry that you might give your mother for this special day, it’s odd they’re not taking orders. Fans have hopped on the site asking when they plan to take orders again. But it’s not looking too promising for any time soon since they didn’t offer up a date.

The Table is Cleared – Void of Labels

So what else is going on in real-time with the Kody Brown family? Fans follow them online via their personal sites and it appears they’re working on becoming that happy family unit once again. One recent photo offers up some clues to the possibility Sister Wives cameras are in their midst. The first shot above is from a scene filmed on the Sister Wives show when they took Meri’s friend out to dinner. The second photo below shows Kody Brown and his wives when they went out for a meal last week. Kody and all four wives celebrated Janelle’s big 50 birthday that night.

Notice how both tables seem void of anything that might be misconstrued as advertising for a product. Reality shows usually whisk anything away before filming that offers labels or brand names. The latest picture taken has the five of them out to dinner. The picture has a feel of the Sister Wives cameras nearby as the table appeared stripped for filming. It’s void of products, menus, table tents, or anything else that would be seen as advertising. That’s all except for a bottle, which was inconspicuously turned so the brand name couldn’t be seen.

Sister Wives: Clues Pop Up to Cameras Filming

My Sisterwife’s Closet site does say  – “We’ll be back soon.” It also offers an excuse for the closing – “We are busy updating the store for you.” Then they request you sign up to receive their newsletter, which will “keep you informed.” So it appears this is a temporary thing. Maybe the family is just too busy filming a new season of TLC’s Sister Wives. This could result in Robyn Brown needing to put her business on hold. After all, Robyn does have a couple of young children underfoot so maybe she’s taking a hiatus from My Sisterwife’s Closet as they film a new season.

Another clue is the unity the Brown family shows in a few recent online pictures. Meri and Kody Brown weren’t on the best terms during the filming of the last season. The same seemed to ring true for Meri and Christine as their shared animosity surfaced on the show as well. But photos today show Meri with Kody and the other spouses looking as happy as five peas in a pod. Whether or not they’ve really patched up their rifts or they are playing for the cameras doesn’t matter. They have to look like a unit for another season of Sister Wives to work for fans. So are Kody Brown and his clan posting pics to entice viewers back to another season? The clues are there, so it’s feasible that they’re quietly filming a new season.

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