‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Gives Robyn a Run for Her Money in New Season?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has made quite the transformation and it looks like she might give Robyn Brown some competition next season. Or at least it looks that way in the eyes of some of the show’s fans. Robyn might still be the younger wife of Kody Brown but Christine Brown seems to defy age in her latest pics. The Christine Brown of yesterday also slimmed down and is sporting some fashionable duds.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown No Longer on Curvier Side

All of Kody Brown’s wives are beautiful women. As far as size goes, Kody’s wives have said that Kody likes his women more on the curvy side. But when a young and trim Robyn Brown entered the Sister Wives family, Kody’s attention focused on his new wife.

Perhaps it was because Robyn was new that caused him to gravitate towards her. But the viewers of the Sister Wives show back then saw this new wife as a young, slim, and pretty woman that captured Kody’s almost constant attention.

Even today some fans still believe Robyn’s got Kody’s eye more so than the other three wives, like Christine Brown. Kody has never said how likes his women phisically. He’s also never revealed that he has a favorite wife out of all four. But his infatuation with Robyn Brown from the get-go created chatter. It seems some Sister Wives fans remain convinced he still favors Robyn today.

Each Wife Brings Skills to Kody Brown’s Table

Christine Brown never made a secret of the fact she loves her man Kody Brown. She also claims she likes being the third wife of the Sister Wives clan and sharing her husband with her sister wives. Each wife has certain skills they seemed to hone in on while raising this huge family.

It looks as if Christine’s personality and her love of kids made her the perfect wife to tend to the kids. She did this as the other wives worked to support the family. If you asked any veteran Sister Wives viewer which one of Kody’s wives has the most energy, they’d probably point to Christine Brown. She’s the Kool-Aid mom when it comes to the kids. And her social media pages are filled with recent adventures from dolphin spotting to Ferris wheel rides with Kody Brown’s offspring.

Christine Brown is also the wife who seems to orchestrate many of the family get-together events. The family considers Christine the best cook in the bunch. She also made an art out of being a mother and it looks like she’s still working on that masterpiece with the little ones today. But it also appears as if Christine is changing some things about herself lately. She’s dropped a bunch of weight, evident by Sister Wives pictures and videos from a few years back in comparison to what she looks like today.

Sister Wives: Blooming in Flagstaff

It certainly looks like the move to Flagstaff has done wonders for Christine. Fans hopped online to offer her up compliments over the way she looks since moving to Arizona. One fan said she looks like a teenager in one of her poses online. During the last season on Sister Wives, it seemed obvious Christine vied for attention from her shared husband. In one scene, she attempted to hug Kody Brown, who looked uncomfortable and awkwardly backed away.

Now that she’s in Flagstaff posts of Christine primping her makeup and hair shows that this Sister Wives spouse is taking some time for herself. Some fans see Christine doing all of this to catch Kody’s eye.

The photos also show that she’s dressing much trendier today than in the past seasons on the show. So when the next season of Sister Wives rolls out will the fans see a new Christine Brown? Although, the fans seem more interested in watching to see if Kody Brown takes notice of Christine’s new makeover and gives her the attention he gives Robyn Brown.

Will Robyn Brown Gets Competition From the New Christine Brown?

Will Christine Brown be competition for her sister wife Robyn Brown next season? Or is this just chatter online about Kody referring Robyn over the other wives? It might look easy to read between the lines of this reality show. But a lot of what you see results in the editing. The editing can take a scene and make it look much different than it did originally.

Let’s face it, Christine and Robyn getting together to bake cookies or sharing dish-washing duties won’t hold the interest for fans very long. Without the Sister Wives drama, there probably wouldn’t be a reality show. Or at least the show wouldn’t span 13, going on 14 seasons. For this reason, some fans have gone as far as to suggest the show’s scripted. But some even leap further to suggest a lot that’s seen is fake.

It looks like the Sister Wives film crew started following the Brown family around again. So it sounds as if a new season is already in the works. Still, there’s no official word from the TLC network of a renewal of the show. But with a camera crew hovering over the Browns it appears Season 14 is on the way.

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