‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Feeling Left Out – Fans Tell Her ‘Grow Up’

Sister Wives star Christine Brown may feel sorry for herself these days when suggesting in a post she’s been passed by. It seems Kody’s Son, Garrison Brown, introduced his new girlfriend online before doing this in person with Christine. While Garrison is Janelle and Kody Brown’s 20-year-old son, all the Sister Wives consider themselves mothers to all the offspring of their shared husband.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown and New Girlfriend Photo Ruffled Feathers

It was the Sister Wives son, young Garrison Brown, who posted the picture of his new love interest. It seems this caused Christine Brown some angst after getting a look at his Instagram account. All the fans know so far about this lovely young lady is that her name is Kylie. He captioned the picture “She’s a Grade A Snack.” That’s probably not a caption that’s going to win over fans. But Janelle Brown suggests her son has one huge of a sense of humor. An example of Garrison’s humor is when he posted a picture of himself in front of the Eiffel Tower and captioned it “I Love London.”

Garrison seems to have taken a page from a couple of his Sister Wives entrepreneur moms. It looks like he started an online store. He now sells Hawaiian shirts among his floral design offers. He’s wearing one of the shirts he sells in the post below. His sense of humor is also seen when describing the clothing items he sells online. Like a warning that he gives to prospective customers. He posted don’t “lick the screen” when he displayed a Hawaiian shirt covered in pineapples.

Sister Wives: Garrison Brown - Kylie

Christine Brown Notes Lack of Introduction

While a few other Brown family members liked Garrison’s post, Christine Brown seemed to have her nose out of joint. She posted a comment that seemed to suggest this wasn’t the appropriate way for her to find out about Garrison’s new girlfriend. Fans seemed to think she found this unsettling and maybe even a little rude as well. And Sister Wives followers got on the young man’s post to offer a few comments to Christine.

One fan called Kylie “beautiful” and then followed that up with a comment directed at Christine Brown. They suggested “Christine about time you grow up!!!” Another fan reminded the Sister Wives mother that Garrison is the son of Janelle and Kody Brown. Again, the Sister Wives kids grew up with four moms so Christine apparently feels as much as a parent to this kid as his biological parents, Kody and Janelle. Look how much Garrison’s grown up since fans first met the lad in the video below.

Sister Wives: Christine Vs Garrison Brown

Kody Brown’s Sister Wives spouses remained close while raising the kids. Christine held the big family get-togethers more often than not, while the seasons played out. She went above and beyond making sure the family spent as much time together as possible. So in Christine Brown’s defense, she may look at Garrison like her own son.

In Garrison’s defense, he’s a busy college student. Christine Brown is one of many parents today experiencing this. Many moms and dads get the first glimpse of their kid’s new partner in a photo posted online. Many parents see those photos change from one love interest to another. Their kids can change partners several times while at this age.

A college kid could go through a few new partners without the parents even getting to meet them. It seems the online world sees this Sister Wives offspring acting like most other college kids when it comes to posting a photo of his new girlfriend online before a family introduction.

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