‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown At It Again – Itching to Be Like Meri Brown?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks like she’s taken notice of Meri Brown slipping away from Kody Brown as the new season rolls out. In the Season 14 preview clip, Meri and Kody don’t make any headway in therapy. While Meri Brown seems willing to work on their marriage, Kody Brown doesn’t.

While the Sister Wives scenes are new to the show’s viewers, they were filmed months ago. But something that’s playing out on social media between Meri and Christine Brown hints to what’s going on today.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Needy When It Comes to Shared-Husband?

While the other Sister Wives women seem to keep their composer on camera, Christine Brown tends to cross the line at times. She’s backed Kody Brown into a corner several times throughout the seasons attempting a hug or embrace. This is something Kody won’t do as he doesn’t want to promote jealousy among the wives.

Some Sister Wives fans across the social media sites also see Christine as needier than the other wives. She seems to vie for Kody’s attention more so than the other wives while on camera. She lit into Meri Brown in the last season, seemingly taking Kody’s side when it came to his problems with wife Mary.

A while back, Christine Brown even told her co-wife on camera that she brings baggage with her into a room. It’s the kind of baggage unwanted by Christine. So Christine Brown seemed to make it very clear to the Sister Wives matriarch that she didn’t have much use for her.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Meri Brown Imitated By Christine?

Meri Brown is a fan favorite for many who watch the Sister Wives show. After a decade of fans’ comments online, this is probably something Christine Brown is aware of. But more importantly, Meri is Kody Brown’s first wife and before their relationship fell apart, she was quite special to Kody.

In the last few years, Christine Brown seems to mirror Meri Brown in a few areas. Kody Brown needs money, which he makes very clear in the new season promo.

Meri Brown has built an empire for herself. Between her LuLaRoe clothing gig and her very successful Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, she appears to do well financially. This is bound to make the Sister Wives patriarch happy if she’s still pooling her money with the other wives’ incomes.

So maybe Christine sees this as one way to get her shared husband’s attention. This may also explain why she seems to imitate Meri Brown when it comes to attempting to make sales. It worked for Meri Brown now maybe Christine hopes it will work for her.

Meri Brown puts a lot of work into selling her clothing. She models the attire herself. Then Kody Brown’s first wife posts photos of herself in the clothes attempting to entice fans to purchase her goods. Christine is also selling LuLaRoe clothing. But in recent months she started following in Meri’s footsteps. She models the clothes online as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Borrows the Look From Meri?

It looks like Christine Brown is even dressing very much like her co-wife from the Sister Wives show. Meri created a style for herself recently. She drapes a scarf around her neck. But the scarfs seem like an accent to her attire, rather than used to ward off the cold.

Now Christine seems to find this look a welcome addition to her own wardrobe. The third wife of Kody Brown is draping a scarf around her neck just like her fellow co-wife, the Sister Wives matriarch. The grouping of pictures above shows Christine’s tendency to wear Moto jackets and scarves just like Meri started to wear.

Meri Brown did say that there was some jealousy between her and Christine from the very beginning of their relationship as sister wives. But Meri didn’t feel that way with Janelle Brown, who came to the plural marriage before Christine.

It seems Meri saw Christine more of a romantic rival than she did Janelle. So it looks like they’ve had some jealousy between them since the early days.

But from the stories the spouses told about Kody and his original three wives before the Sister Wives days, he was crazy about Meri. So maybe Christine sees the failing relationship between Kody and Meri as a way in for herself. It seems she’s doing a lot to mimic Meri Brown these days.

Sister Wives Season 14, premieres Sunday night, January 5, on TLC.

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