‘Sister Wives’: Janelle, Meri, Christine Lose Weight as One is Snubbed? [Pics]

Sister Wives ladies, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown seem very invested in weight loss but they’re not going at it as a trio. It’s easy to see sides have formed. It almost looks as if a two against one scenario bubbles up.

The second and third Sister Wives co-wives are working hard at this together and posting about it online. The Sister Wives’ original matriarch seems all alone in her venture.

Sister Wives: Bikini Weather Motivates Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown?

Three of the women who committed themselves to Kody Brown over a quarter of a century ago post photos. It looks as if they’re hard at work getting in shape. But it seems as if two of the Sister Wives spouses teamed up for this, leaving one to fend for herself.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown seem committed to exercising together in a buddy-buddy system. They cheer each other on, acting like life coaches for one another. Then there’s Meri Brown, who looks like she goes at it without any help from the other women in her Sister Wives family.

While Christine and Janelle Brown seem to do this economically by using what’s available to them at home. But it appears Meri hired herself an exercise coach because she gives a shoutout to her motivational coach online. Not to mention she’s doing her exercise inside a gym.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Kody Brown’s Spouses: Weight Loss Times Three

After the last Sister Wives season, one can’t help but wonder if Kody Brown is the secret behind all this exercise? While Janelle has never been an overly romantic wife on social media, things might be changing for her.

Christine Brown just can’t seem to get enough of her shared husband. Last season Christine, Kody, and Janelle showed up for the birth of Maddie Brown Brushe’s second child. When they arrived they made it pretty clear that it was Janelle’s turn to sleep with Kody that night.

Janelle Brown begged off because she had been there with Maddie for days and was exhausted. Christine Brown just about did a cartwheel when she won the night with Kody by default.

Christine also gets a bit hands-on with Kody in a few episodes in recent years. He tends to back away from her. So it looks like Christine is thirsty for Kody’s attention.

The Sister Wives audience got to see the horrific scenes in the therapist’s office when Kody basically dismissed Meri as a wife. As far as he was concerned it sounded as if he wished he never married Meri Brown. Despite all that, Meri hung around attempting another chance.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: The Three Older Wives Attempt a Reboot?

Veteran Sister Wives followers remember when the four wives did just about everything together. That’s changed. While all three of these ladies are on an exercise program of some sort, there once was a time when they’d do stuff like this together.

Maybe the end goal is to get Kody Brown’s attention. Meri Brown made it extremely clear that she intends to work on a relationship with Kody. Her cryptic messages might suggest otherwise but she always surprises the viewers by staying.

Christine for sure wants more time from Kody, she even said so during the seasons of Sister Wives. The three of the older wives seem all about toning up these days. Could this have something to do with the rumors that Kody spends most of his time with his fourth wife, Robyn Brown? She happens to be younger and very fit.

Well, for now, all the Sister Wives audience can do is applaud the ladies for their goals. No one seems to offer up a clue as to why Meri isn’t involved with Janelle and co-wife Christine’s exercise routine.

But with Robyn never around and Meri seen mostly on her own, it seems clear that there’s some type of family division going on today.

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