‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown One-Ups Her Co-Wife By Delivering First Blow

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown seemed to come out swinging online possibly to stave off what her co-wife experienced this week online. It seems this might explain why Meri is posting a new message to her followers that comes with a strict tone.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Irritated?

One of the messages that Meri Brown posted to her Sister Wives followers was long and somewhat repetitive. It sounds as if she’s barking back at fans but not for something they did to her. It appears as if she wouldn’t accept the same type of comments that piled up for Christine Brown earlier in the week.

Meri Brown got her fair share of fan requests recently. They asked her to use her platform to shed light on a problem plaguing the nation today. For some reason, this Sister Wives mom seemed to get a bit indignant over the requests.

The original Sister Wives matriarch let her followers know that she doesn’t need anyone dictating to her what to post. She also said by not posting doesn’t mean she agrees or disagrees with a topic.

Meri Brown decided to go with the word “United” as her new motto for what the world needs today. Her hope is to see people everywhere united. It also looks like she sells T-Shirts with the logo “United”  in the line of clothes she plugs online.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Starting Her Own Movement?

It looks like this shirt, again which happens to be in Meri’s inventory, is what Meri prefers to preach. “United” together is how Meri wants to see the world. She goes on and on about this in her latest post.

This Sister Wives entrepreneur would like to see people united but still feeling free to be an individual when it comes to thinking. Or when it comes to supporting or not supporting a cause.

So, it appears Meri is fed up with people attempting to get her to speak from her platform. She doesn’t want words put in her mouth. Then she adds how she still believes that love conquers all.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown


Sister Wives: A Lesson Learned From Christine Brown?

Maybe Christine Brown did Meri Brown a favor without even knowing it this week. Christine attempted to spread a generic wish for the people of this nation. She wished everyone could get along and love one another. She, just like Meri Brown, didn’t mention any specific movement by name.

But in Christine’s case, she was lambasted by the Sister Wives viewers. Because she attempted to sell her inventory of clothes with the same post, fans called her “disingenuous”  among other names. The flood gates opened and fans condemned her for her tone-deaf message.

It looks like Meri Brown might have taken Christine’s experience and one-upped the situation. Instead of waiting for fans to tell her what she should be saying today, she laid into them first.

Meri Brown let the Sister Wives enthusiasts know that she won’t let anyone tell her what to say or how she should feel. Before anyone had a chance to do the same to her that they did to Christine – she nipped it in the bud.

So, it looks like Meri one-upped Christine Brown by delivering the first blow to fans before they went after her.

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