‘Sister Wives’ : Janelle Brown Reveals Shocker about Meri behind Closed Doors

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown reveals something about Meri Brown that may put the first wife of this plural marriage in rather dim light. This issue popped up while the Sister Wives adults battled over who gets what piece of property on Coyote Pass.

It seems that Meri Brown didn’t bode well with sharing space in the past. Now her Sister Wives spouse Janelle Brown worries this may impact the family once again.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Brings Past Boundary Issues to Light

Despite the family finally nixing the one big house plan, a new issue emerged about sharing space on Coyote Pass. This one has to do with the separate pieces of property the Sister Wives plan to build on.

Janelle doesn’t blame Meri for her past attitude. But still, she believes it is something they need to revisit today before assigning the building lots.

It seems when the original three wives shared their house in Lehi, Utah, Meri Brown did pose a problem. Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, and Christine Brown shared their Sister Wives home long before Robyn came on board.

Sure, all three wives dealt with the little everyday issues that surfaced. But it looks as if the original Sister Wives matriarch had some boundary issues from the start.

Janelle Brown explains her concern that these same types of issues could resurface again. Her worry focuses on the pond on the Coyote Pass property and which wife gets access to that piece of land.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Meri Brown Shuts Down Right-Of-Way

Back in the Sister Wives early days, Meri, Janelle, and Christine all lived in one home in Lehi, Utah. But the three wives each had their own sections in that house. Still, it was one dwelling that they all shared together. That meant wives, kids, and husband were all under one roof.

The family had a slew of young kids at the time. So, all these Sister Wives siblings were friends and constantly together. From the way Janelle Brown explained the home’s layout, Meri Brown’s section connected the other two wives’ areas of that house. Her section acted like the right-of-way between Janelle and Christine’s place.

So to get from one section of the house to another, they had to cut through the section Meri Brown occupied. Meri Brown was not fond of this situation by any stretch of the imagination, according to Janelle Brown. It seems that her Sister Wives co-wife requested the kids not cut through her place.

Janelle Brown said that Meri Brown created a “real hardship” for the rest of the Sister Wives family when she cut-off access to her place. The bulk of the kids lived with Christine or Janelle and Meri’s place was in the middle.

Sister Wives: Janelle Explains How Meri Caused a Real Hardship

When Meri shut down that connection, the entire family had to go outside to move from one place in the house to another. This was the hardship it caused for the family.

They had to access the many outdoor steps in all kinds of weather. They did this instead of using the quick route inside their Sister Wives house, which seemed to make more sense for one big family.

Janelle said she understood Meri Brown’s thoughts at the time. The kids running through Meri’s section created a lot of noise and traffic. But at the same time, this was supposed to be one family.

Now the parcel of property that Meri and Robyn argue about today holds access to the family’s pond. So whoever builds their home in that section has to be okay with the family using their yard.

Janelle believes the pond will turn into an area where the kids will all congregate. Robyn said she is fine with that but so far Meri’s response wasn’t shown on Sister Wives.

Janelle Brown said she was happy when she thought that Robyn was going to build on that parcel of land. Mainly because she thought the kids hanging out at the pond would cause too much commotion for Meri.

This is why Janelle is concerned about Meri Brown building on that spot. She remembers the days when Meri nixed the family foot traffic and she wants to get things right this time. So who gets that building lot, Robyn or Meri? Right now it looks like it is still up in the air. Tune in to TLC Sunday night for new episodes at 10 pm EST.

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