‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Fessed-up Her Part in Horrific ‘Disservice’ to Janelle

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown revealed something she did to Janelle Brown, which once resulted in a disservice to her co-wife. The audience learned a lot about Meri Brown as the matriarch of the family while watching the show. But the co-wives painted a picture of their early days before the TLC reality show. One moment included a painful time for Janelle Brown with Meri Brown and their shared husband.

Sister Wives:  Stuff You Didn’t See From Meri Brown

While some of their early Sister Wives antics were pretty generic, other behaviors may curl your toes. While no one denies jealousy among the co-wives, it seems there was a lot more than originally thought, especially when it came to Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

Meri had Kody to herself for three years before Janelle married the Sister Wives patriarch. Her nuptials made this union a bonafide plural marriage. Since Janelle was previously married to Meri’s brother, she was far from a stranger to Meri and Kody.

Sister Wives came to the screen long after Kody took on a second and a third wife. It started just as Robyn Brown joined the family. So, fans didn’t see what it was like at the polygamous marriage’s dawning, with only two wives.

Apparently, the way that Meri and their shared husband treated Janelle still weighed heavily on Meri’s conscience. That’s because it wasn’t until years later that she mentions this disservice to the fans. She talked about it in a book the Brown spouses penned together.

Meri claims both she and Kody did a “disservice” to Janelle Brown when it came to being a wife in this marriage.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown – Second Wife, Third Wheel?

Meri, Kody, and Janelle Brown all said at one time or another that Janelle and Kody weren’t romantically in love when they married. Their relationship was more like friends who had a lot in common intellectually.

But this second wife from the Sister Wives clan felt very out of place. As they watched TV at night as a trio, Meri and Kody would secretly (or so they thought) hold hands under a blanket. Meri was mean to wife #2 as well, according to Janelle’s own words written years ago.

But Meri Brown talked about the way she and Kody together treated his second wife. When out at a gathering or a picnic with friends, Janelle wasn’t introduced as the new wife, making them a polygamous family. Instead, they introduced her as a relative.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Don’t Mind Her – She’s Only Kody Brown’s Sister?

Instead of Kody introducing Janelle as his wife and instead of Meri introducing her as sister-wife, they deemed this new wife – Kody’s sister. Looking back, Meri Brown realizes the disservice this did to Janelle and her marriage to Kody. But it seems Kody concocted this ploy, so Meri Brown just went along with it.

The first wife said she would tell herself that Janelle was like Kody’s sibling. She’d rationalize this because Kody’s father married Janelle’s mom. But it sounded as if within this plural marriage, Janelle Brown came off as the third wheel.

Janelle made a good salary when she joined this couple in a Sister Wives marriage of three. Kody’s job back then often took him away from home. Despite the three struggling financially, Meri took unpaid days off to accompany Kody on these trips. They left Janelle Brown home to continue working. It sounds as if this financially-strapped trio needed the money.

So, why leave Janelle and travel with Meri? This question Janelle often asked herself back then as well. Years later, Kody’s second wife described how much this hurt her. Once when she was crying, Meri Brown made fun of her makeup running down her face. So from what Janelle Brown had to say, it sounded as if Meri taunted her as well.

Now, when you don’t see a warmness between the first and second wives on the Sister Wives screen, it might have to do with the history shared by these two.

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