‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Says No Cancellation – Meri Confirms Her Future

Sister Wives celebs Janelle Brown and Meri Brown recently stepped out to set the record straight ahead of a new season of the TLC reality show. So, it looks like the first and second wives of Kody Brown got busy setting the scene.

Janelle cleared up the recent confusion for the show’s fans that swirled around the Sister Wives. Then Meri Brown took a leap of faith as she made her future Sister Wives plans very clear after months and months of speculation.

Sister Wives: New Season Anticipation

With the new season confirmed by several of the Sister Wives family members, the next question is when will it air. Although TLC hasn’t offered their official word on a new season, this is par for the course.

In the past, members of the Sister Wives brood confirmed a new season before the network got around to it. The last several seasons of  Sister Wives premiered in January. But the announcement of the premiere didn’t come until a month or just weeks before it aired.

With that said, the new season of Sister Wives could come as soon as January. Although this is the first time filming needed to get creative due to a pandemic. So, maybe more time is needed despite cameras still set up in their homes while the camera crew remained off site.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown Sets Things Straight

Janelle Brown, like many other TLC celebrities, recently promoted the Discovery Channel’s new streaming service. She let the fans know they can catch Sister Wives at this new Discovery Channel venue. This caused some confusion among fans of the Brown clan.

Many people didn’t realize that TLC is part of the Discovery Channel’s family of networks. This is what Janelle Brown needed to explain. So the new Discovery streaming service encompasses many different shows from several networks like HGTV, Animal Planet, and OWN, plus many more.

TLC is one of those networks, so the new channel will stream Sister Wives as well as other shows from the different networks. So Janelle let her fans know that nothing has changed. They’re still on TLC and Janelle Brown described how this streaming service just gives fans another place to watch the seasons of of TLC’s Sister Wives. No, the show isn’t jumping networks.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Wipes Away Misconceptions

Another recent Sister Wives buzz follows Meri Brown today. Her seemingly gloomy outlook, the one she painted for fans over the last several months, just got brighter. Or at least it sounded like it did for Meri Brown.

She let fans know over the weekend that she loves her man, Kody Brown, and that she’s staying put. So, it sounds as if she’s wiping the slate clean of all the fans’ assumptions. Kody and Meri did not split and from the sounds of it, Meri will not let that happen.

So, it seems as the new season nears, two co-wives step in to clear up the misconceptions. Janelle Brown intended to ease the fans’ worries. But Meri Brown seemed to reprimand those fans who’s assumptions got it all wrong. Janelle says no, they’re not moving from TLC. On the other hand, Meri says Yes, she loves Kody Brown and she’s staying.

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