‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Embarrassing Reveal Starts Online Campaign

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown makes a plea to like-minded fans today asking for their reassurance that she’s not alone in her thoughts. To set the scene for her latest post you might imagine that the song with the lyric “Oh bring us some figgy pudding” playing in the background. This offers some festive music for what Janelle reveals in her latest post.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Makes Embarrassing Reveal?

It seems Janelle Brown, the second wife in the Sister Wives family, felt a need to offer up a tidbit about herself. But it sounds like she hesitates due to her belief she may be the only one who could actually say what she’s about to reveal. She also sounds a bit embarrassed about this reveal as well.

Janelle stresses that she doesn’t want to be the only one to say what she’s about to say.  So she hopes someone out there feels the same way. But what is all this confessing and worrying about?

Would you believe this Sister Wives celeb’s reveal has to do with fruitcake? Yep, that’s correct, she loves the traditional holiday cake. But Janelle also believes that her love for fruitcake isn’t normal.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Fruitcake

Let’s Talk Fruitcake

Fruitcake doesn’t hit as many holiday tables as it did several generations back. That’s during the time your grandparents or great grandparents celebrated Christmas. According to the Smithsonian, it was early in the 20th century when the fruitcake first got a bad rap.

At one time a homemade fruitcake was like the nectar of the Gods baked into a cake. It’s moist consistency held plenty of caramelized fruit in every bite. People actually looked forward to eating it. But when mass production and mail-order fruitcakes emerged, well it was never the same.

Suddenly the Christmas fruitcake became the butt of holiday jokes. Everyone had an aunt or grandmother who handed out those fruity cakes as presents.

Janelle Brown mentioned something in her Sister Wives post that leaves other people wondering every year. Take a look at the expiration date of your store-bought fruitcake.

It’s like these holiday cakes don’t expire along the lines of other baked goods. Some hold expiration dates so far out into the future that it may make you cringe.

What the Sister Wives fruitcake lover said was the shelf-life date concerned her. Apparently, she too wondered how you can keep it around that long. But that alone won’t make her stop loving this holiday treat.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: A Bunch Of Fruitcakes Come To Janelle’s Rescue?

So, the Sister Wives mom and co-wife pleads with her fans to chime in. She hoped someone would share her taste in fruity treats. Janelle confessed that no one within her sphere likes the fruity cake.  Yet, her plea was answered by not just one fruitcake fan but by a bunch.

One Sister Wives follower suggested starting a social media page for the fruitcake lovers out there. So, it looks like Janelle Brown is far from being alone when it comes to her love of fruitcake.

With that said, figgy pudding and eggnog also drifted into the online conversations. It seems those folks who love traditional Christmas food and drink came out to support Janelle in her thoughts. Not to mention all types of fruitcake descriptions and recipes surfaced as the chat amped-up online.

Although, as Christmas approaches, the fruitcake jokes still pop-up. But at least Janelle knows that she isn’t alone in her quest today. She now can enjoy fruitcake without feeling like she’s the only one on this earth who partakes in this fruity holiday tradition.

Brown Family Adults

Is Sister Wives Coming Back With A New Season and When?

Yes, Sister Wives returns with Season 15, or so Janelle Brown and Christine Brown confirmed. While TLC remains mum, they traditionally don’t give their official nod until just a month or even a few weeks before a new season premieres.

The best estimate on when the new season begins might be found by looking at the show’s history. The last several season premieres rolled out in January. So if history repeats itself, look for Sister Wives to air in January, that is if you trust the history.

So, whether the new season’s debut pops up in January or not, there’s enough talk from these two co-wives to validate the return of the TLC reality series.

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