‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Wonders If Apology Is Needed After Flashing Her Tomatoes

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown makes it easy to see why she’s a fan favorite even when she’s doing the mundane task of tending to tomatoes. She’s as different as night and day from her three co-wives and that’s just fine with her online followers.

Sister Wives: Today Janelle Brown Treads Water Around Mess?

Even if you didn’t see the entire last season of Sister Wives, just one or two episodes painted the discombobulated picture. The family is a mess and from the sounds of things, it’s not getting better.

Kody Brown interrupted Meri Brown’s live sales pitch to her group. He did this and then dumped his stress problems on her. This was just last month so in real time it looks like the family’s finances are still a nightmare.

It seems that Meri continues that long goodbye via her cryptic messages. But it seems Janelle looks elsewhere for peace of mind. Kody’s second wife is first to admit that she doesn’t usually have luck growing things. But this year is different things look different.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

When Life Boils Over – Grow Crops

Janelle Brown shares the success of her first tomatoes on the vine and how her raspberries came up juicy and red. You’ve seen her swiss chard along with her zucchini in this Sister Wives co-wife’s various posts.

It sounds like it suddenly dawned on her that while she’s excited, her fans might find this a bit mundane. So she wonders if she should apologize for her elaborate posts on her crops.

Instead of her fans wanting that apology, they want her to post more tips on how she grows this garden. That just goes to show you just how much the Sister Wives fans enjoy Janelle as a person and in this case, a gardener as well. Viewers don’t need to bash this wife for her to get attention.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Family

Sister Wives: Tomatoes Blossom As Family Riddled With Stress

Out of his four wives, Kody Brown claims Janelle is the wife who is more like a buddy or one of the guys. She”s also the one wife who didn’t break out in tears or go off in a huff during the last few seasons.

While Meri Brown is the original matriarch of the Sister Wives family, Janelle seems to fill those shoes more often than not. She is in this plural marriage and likes all the aspects of having sister wives.

She also is the one wife who backed Kody Brown when he wanted one big house. That’s because she wants to live under one roof with the co-wives. But she’s probably the only one who does besides Kody.

While Meri has been offering the illusion of leaving the Sister Wives clan for years. But she just stays and cries through it all. Christine Brown claims she loves being a Sister Wives. But then she seems to forget that means sharing Kody with other women.

Robyn Brown is probably the most disillusioned with Kody Brown today than the rest of the wives put together. The last time the Sister Wives audience saw Robyn she was fuming over yet another move to her second Flagstaff house.

Then there’s Janelle, who doesn’t need all this mess for fans to flock to her social media sites. It seems she’s proved that with no apology needed for her flashing those tomatoes.

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