‘Sister Wives’: If Janelle Brown Didn’t Admit to This – You Might Think It’s a Horrid Rumor?

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown admitted to an incident that fans today may find hard to believe because she’s anything but mean on screen. This happened years back during the first time the four wives faced building their individual homes.

Now that Sister Wives Season 15 is filming, they’ll more than likely need to address that vacant land on Coyote Pass. Before this recent land purchase, the last time the family talked about building houses was several years ago. That’s when they built the homes on the cul de sac in Vegas and things went bad.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Bands With Christine Brown

Janelle Brown caused quite a ruckus online among the Sister Wives fans during the earlier years in Vegas. This occurred when the fans learned what went on behind the scenes as they built their Vegas homes.

At the time of the uproar, Christine Brown joined forces with Janelle as well. The level of meanness that surfaced from these two Sister Wives co-wives was a surprise to those who follow the Brown family.

The headlines back in 2012 reported that the “Sister Wives Go On Attack” and it was Meri Brown who was the target. This was early on in the Sister Wives series but the viewers were already well aware of the animosity.

Once in Vegas, the wives each got a lot adjacent to one another. They all got to build their very own huge house on the land that soon became known as the “Sister Wives cul-de-sac”.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Vegas Cul De Sac Not Always ‘Perfect’

The Sister Wives tend to portray their living set-up in Vegas as perfect now that they waddle through Kody Brown’s Flagstaff mess. But that wasn’t always the case. It seems it started out on a sour and painful note.

Meri Brown had one child, Mariah Brown. Christine Brown and Janelle Brown each had six children with Kody Brown. So other than Meri, each co-wive had a sizable family, including Robyn Brown.

When the time came to build the Vegas homes, the Sister Wives ladies had huge houses on the drawing board. But Janelle and Christine Brown didn’t think Meri needed a house as big as their homes.

With only Meri and Mariah in the family, these two co-wives thought Meri didn’t need the same amount of room the other wives did. This was Janelle Brown and Christine Brown’s thoughts on the topic.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Battle Brings Tears and Pain

Meri, who wanted her fair share of square footage, ended up in tears. It was hard enough watching Janelle and her cohort Christine have babies after babies. Especially when Meri’s dream of more kids didn’t come true. So, she didn’t feel she should settle for a small home due to family size.

Things got ugly. Back in 2012 through a Sister Wives “Tell All” segment, along with what the family wrote in their book, the story unfolded.

Janelle Brown admitted on one of the episodes that Meri shouldn’t have ended up with the house that she finally did. She didn’t need to have the same size homes as the other wives. This was Janelle’s stand.

Janelle Brown said how she worried about enough money in the budget to put food on the table for her kids. At the same time, Meri was more concerned about getting a big house that she didn’t need.

Christine Brown also came clean. She shared her confession during the “Tell All”. She told Meri that while she was pregnant she hoped Meri didn’t get pregnant. The reason – it would take the spotlight off Christine Brown. The third wife of Sister Wives, Christine, followed through with this by saying – “I was very mean”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Possible Payback for Janelle Brown?

Some fans thought that Janelle’s meanness might have been payback more so than anything else. It wasn’t like her to be this way. But during the early years of Janelle’s marriage, Meri wasn’t nice to her. This even caused the second wife from Sister Wives to leave the family for a while.

Janelle felt Meri was great when she courted Kody. But once she married and moved in as the second Sister Wives woman, Meri changed. She said that the matriarch of the family had to have everything done her way.

The fans were stunned to see this go on between the Sister Wives clan. Will history repeat itself as the ladies get ready to build new homes in Flagstaff?

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