‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Too Smart to Fall for This, Fans Claim

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown appears to be one of the fan favorites from the TLC reality series since the show’s first season rolled out. But Sister Wives fans also see Janelle Brown ignoring earlier problems within this plural marriage as well.

During the first few seasons, fans dubbed her as the Sister Wives spouse with the brains. Yes, Janelle Brown seems well endowed in the intellect department. But at the same time, other fans point out she didn’t always make the smartest choices.

Sister Wives: Didn’t Janelle Brown See the Writing On the Wall?

Janelle Brown pursued Kody Brown and not the other way around. This perplexed the fans as Janelle was so miserable in her first years as one of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives.

In a Sister Wives book, Janelle described how Meri treated her most unkindly. Janelle felt she could do nothing right in Meri’s eyes. From washing the dishes to folding Kody’s clothes, Meri condemned Janelle’s way of doing things, revealed Kody’s second wife.

Fans point out that Janelle was married to Meri’s brother. So, she should have at least been aware of Meri’s behavior tendencies. But still, she entered into the Sister Wives union.

Sister Wives; Janelle Brown

No Early Love Story Here?

Janelle Brown moved into a home of her own with her kids after abruptly leaving Kody Brown. But that was after she had five kids. First, she stayed with her mother. Then with the generous salary she made, she got a home for herself and the kids.

But she still remained in this Sister Wives marriage. Kody had married Christine by the time Janelle jumped ship. So, he still made the rounds much as he did in Vegas. Soon he stayed with his second wife at her house on her scheduled nights. This was before the Sister Wives show ever graced the screen.

Janelle herself wrote that she didn’t have a love story with Kody in the beginning. Their love story didn’t surface until many years later. So fans questioned why she married Kody Brown and then stayed married. Her fans see Janelle as someone who is above the antics displayed by the other Sister Wives spouses.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Main Breadwinner

During the first few years of the marriage, the second wife of the Sister Wives seemed to be the main breadwinner. She described how Kody would have to travel for a few of his earlier jobs.

Janelle also said that he’d often take Meri with him and leave her at home. Meri was employed at the time as well but when she’d take off work to travel with Kody she wouldn’t get paid.

Janelle Brown saw this as rather foolish since she, Meri, and Kody struggled with finances. This was before Christine joined the family.

What bothered the fans, as seen in their comments back then, is that Janelle was too smart for this. Back in 2014, one fan wrote that she liked Janelle Brown. But that this second wife to join the Sister Wives tribe, “avoided issues for years by working long hours and avoiding the family”.

That seems how other fans saw her as well. Instead of taking on the issues head-on, Janelle worked and brought home money. She avoided rocking the boat and seemed to go along with it all to avoid conflict.

But that just gave Kody Brown more freedom to run the family the way he wanted to. So, the money woes became a theme that seemed to follow them around for decades.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown Not Raised Like This

Out of all the four wives of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown is the only one who did not grow up in a polygamous family. Her mother converted to the sector of the LDS church that does practice polygamy when Janelle was an adult.

Janelle and her mother moved over to this religious sector at about the same time. So, the second wife in the Sister Wives marriage grew up hearing the evils about the practice of more than one wife.

Her mother married Kody’s father. But the rest of her family was so against her unholy marriage to Kody, which is how they put it to her at the time.

Fans deem Janelle Brown a wonderful, kind, and caring person. It sounds as if during the early days of her plural marriage, she contributing much more than the rest of the family when it comes to finances.

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What’s a Sister Wives Lady to Do?

It seems the early followers of the Sister Wives saw Janelle contributing to the problems by turning a blind eye to them. Instead, she buried herself in work and that paycheck went into pooled resources for the good of the family.

Fans seemed to see the other three wives acting like gushing teenagers around their shared husband. Viewers commented about this during the earlier seasons of the show. So they see why Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown did just as Kody asks. But they see Janelle as too smart to fall for his charm.

Some of the people who follow Janelle think that even today she sells herself short in this relationship with her co-wives and Kody. No one but Janelle knows why she claims she’s content as a woman who shares her husband with other wives. But her fans would like to see greater things for their favorite Sister Wives celebrity.

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