‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Revisits Romance While Hunkered Down at Home?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t look like she’s going stir crazy while stuck at home. Instead, it appears she might have romance on her mind. Janelle’s last few posts are a little bit out of the norm for the second wife of the Sister Wives clan.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Channels Her Inner Cowgirl?

There’s nothing more important to Janelle Brown than her family. So, that’s usually the theme of the majority of her posts. Now that the Coronavirus has the world on hold, Janelle, just like her other Sister Wives spouses, stay put at home.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, fans assume that Kody Brown is at home with Robyn Brown. From the looks of Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown’s latest posts, it seems they are alone without their Sister Wives husband.

If that’s the case, Janelle is probably starved for some adult interaction right about now, like many across the nation experience today. While Christine does embroidery and Meri reminisces on her LuLaRoe journeys, it seems Janelle looks at cowboys.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Boots, Spurs, Horses, and 10-Gallon Hats

Yes, it looks like Janelle Brown is checking out cowboys, with their 10-gallon hats, boots, and spurs. This Sister Wives spouse shared an online site with her fans. She finds it very entertaining.

Janelle Brown offered up this site as a suggestion. She thought it might be interesting for her followers who are looking for something to do during the Coronavirus shut down.

While it seems to offers history and little known facts about cowboys, the site has a few photos of good-looking hunks as well.

But Janelle seems to like that western look, so maybe that’s what gravitates her toward the site. Last season she went to a hatmaker with her three Sister Wives co-wives.

On one Sister Wives episode, the wives went to Mitch Thompson’s mom’s house. She happens to make hats and she made one each for all four of Kody Brown’s wives.

So what was Janelle’s hat? It was a cowboy hat. Then she wore it like a proud cowgirl as they went out to lunch.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown That Cowboy?

Is Janelle Brown remembering her cowboy, Kody Brown? The Sister Wives shared husband dons a cowboy hat once in a blue moon. Janelle seems to like that type of headwear.

That’s not the only hint of possible romance reminiscing for Janelle. While at home she finds listening to 1940s music soothing. So she shared the title of a song she’s listening to on Pandora. The title of the song she shared – “These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)”.

Did Janelle have Kody Brown in mind when she shared the title of that song? The Sister Wives hubby of four is sure demonstrating some foolish moves these days, according to his fans.

He’s an unhappy camper on the latest Sister Wives season. Also, he’s questioning if plural marriage is all he’s made it out to be. So some of the things he’s said and done are seen as foolish by his fans.

So maybe Janelle is looking back a bit about her earlier days with Kody Brown. Especially now that she’s stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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