‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Shares Side Effect of Mother’s Death

Sister WivesJanelle Brown lost her mother recently and just shared an interesting side-effect of losing this beloved family member. We reported last month, in December, that Sheryl Lee Brown passed away. Now, Janelle opened her home after this loss. Here’s why.

Sister Wives: Grieving Janelle Brown Opens Home

If you don’t know about Janelle Brown’s loss — her mother died on December 7. And Sheryl Brown has a complicated backstory with her daughter and Kody Brown. That’s because Sheryl was married to Kody’s dad at one point, making his mother-in-law also his stepmother.

Around the same period that Janelle married Kody and became part of the Sister Wives clan, her mother wed Kody’s dad. Before their two marriages, neither Janelle nor Sheryl had ever been in a plural marriage. Her mom also popped up on the TLC show a few times.

Sheryl Brown took up residence with Winn Brown, Kody’s father, on his ranch in Wyoming. Sheryl was widowed when Winn died seven years ago. Then, in late 2020, Janelle Brown’s mother also passed on. Now, Janelle’s feeling the after-effects of this loss, and it’s changed her life.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Mom’s Dog Comes to Daughter’s House

Of course, losing her mother was a tragic life change for Janelle Brown. Now, the Sister Wives star said that she’s taken in her mother’s dog. She said her mother’s “sweet pup” now lives with her. And she called the adorable doggy (see pic below) a “wonderful addition” to their home.

In case you didn’t know, Janelle from Sister Wives loves dogs. She advocates rescuing and has an eight-year-old rescue named Bryn. She also said the gray hair in her pup’s face makes her sad. However, Janelle also said she hopes she has many more years ahead with Bryn.

In addition to Bryn and her mother’s dog, Janelle also has another rescue named Obidiah (“Obi”), a lab mix. The Sister Wives spouse said Obi is an “annoying little brother” to her older canine Bryn. With the addition of her mom’s dog, she now has three canines running around.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Loves Her Dogs

No doubt Janelle misses her mother, Sheryl. But taking care of her pup is a nice way to honor her mother. The bigger question is whether Janelle Brown has enough room on her lap for another fur kid. In photos, her Chiweenie, Bryn, often takes up most of her lap or sleeps on her feet.

The Sister Wives mom of six now has half as many dogs as children. And with her kids now grown, Janelle Brown likely enjoys having puppies to pamper and mother. And it’s clear her fur babies are happy animals. Some of her favorite fur-mom moments are when her animals cuddle together.

So, we’ll see how Janelle’s new pet gets along with her other two dogs, Bryn and Obi. The Sister Wives celeb often says that Obi’s “exuberance” can wear out her older pup. But maybe her mom’s dog will be able to handle the rambunctious younger dog.

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