Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Has Kody Look-Alike Fulfilling Her Dreams? [Pic]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is in awe at a project going on right now and while one of the workers looks like Kody Brown, he’s not. A little known dream of Janelle Brown’s looks as if it may be coming true right in her own backyard. This Sister Wives mom is probably more humble than the other three wives put together, according to her fans. But when it comes to her kids, there’s nothing humble about the pride she has in her offspring.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Her Humble Abode

Sister Wives viewers watched as Janelle and Kody Brown’s other wives moved into their Flagstaff homes. One of the things to pop out at fans on that Sister Wives episode was Janelle’s house in comparison to her co-wives homes. The Sister Wives ladies’ homes were lavish, all except for Janelle. She stayed true to their finances at the time and moved into cramped quarters.

Die-Hard Sister Wives enthusiasts became very aware of Christine’s master bedroom with the scenic view of the Arizona mountains. Robyn’s home in the woods was fit for a king and the elevator in Meri’s home was quite the novelty for the kids.

Then there’s Janelle’s house that provided just the bare necessities. It was so close to her neighbor’s home that they could stand in their windows and shake hands.

A picture of her three grown boys having breakfast showed just how cramped things were inside this Sister Wives dwelling. A comparison below shows the difference between Janelle’s place and Robyn’s estate.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown in Small House - Robyn Brown in Big House

A House on Wheels

Remember back when the Sister Wives ladies looked for Flagstaff rentals while still living in Vegas? Janelle became envious of what Meri thought she might do. Instead of a house on a foundation with a lawn and some trees, Meri thought of living in an RV. She was half-joking at the time but the second bride of this plural marriage ran with it.

Well, Janelle was jealous because believe it or not, that’s always been a dream of hers.  With six little Sister Wives kids, it’s just wasn’t feasible for the last few decades.

But as her baby, Savannah just turned 16, Kody’s second wife doesn’t have too much longer for all her kids to be legal adults. It sounds like she just might revisit her hankering for on the road living. Especially now that she sees what’s going on with her two sons.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Sons - Robert Brown - Gabe Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Mini-Me Swings a Hammer

It seems Robert, who fans know as Garrison, bought himself a fixer-upper camper. So, during the last week, he’s been refurbishing the portable home. Janelle showed her followers just what he’s up to in the photo above.

But Robert isn’t doing this on his own. It seems Gabriel joined in and has been helping his brother fix up the camper. Take a look at Gabe in the photo above, he is the spitting image of Kody Brown. It appears Papa Kody has a mini-me son. Gabe even sports a head of hair much like his dad Kody.

No details emerged about what Robert intends to do with this camper once it’s done. Maybe he caught the abode on four wheels bug from his mom. While it’s improbable Janelle will move into a house on wheels at this time, maybe she’ll try it out on a getaway with Kody once her two sons finish up the job.

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