‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Boasts About Son Logan’s Success

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is beside herself with pride today as she talks about her son Logan Brown and his latest success story. Logan is not just Janelle Brown’s oldest child, he is also the oldest of all the Brown children.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Bursting as Proud Mom

By now Sister Wives fans know the struggles Janelle Brown endured during her decades in plural marriage. But Logan Brown was always her bright spot.

While all her children are the apples of her eyes, Logan is her firstborn and she got to bond with him without any other kids in the picture.

Janelle’s pride over her son Logan surfaced frequently as the Sister Wives series played on the screen. He was her child with little fear when attempting to broaden his horizons.  But that rambunctious boy grew up.

From what Janelle said, that energic kid Logan Brown was able to channel his energy into several success stories now that he’s an adult.

Sister Wives: Logan Brown

Logan Brown’s Advanced Degree Only Part Of His Success

Janelle Brown announced her son’s graduation this week. But this Sister Wives mom also offered the details as to how he worked toward that goal. This happy occasion offsets some of Janelle’s heartbreak as her mom passed recently.

Many parents complain about the amount of time their kids spend on the couch engrossed in a video game. But you can’t put the oldest Sister Wives offspring in that scene. Logan paid his way through the University of Las Vegas for his MBA.

It seems while going to school full-time, Logan held down a full-time career as well. Janelle Brown reveals her son worked his way to a top position with a student-run venture capital firm. Logan Brown holds the title of executive director there.

For a while, viewers of the Sister Wives show asked about Logan. He wasn’t seen on the show as much as the other Brown offspring. So now you know. To say Janelle’s son was busy – well, that’s an understatement. So, when you say Janelle Brown’s cup runneth over — her fans say she deserves it.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Logan Takes Time to Call Mom Janelle

As if going to college and working all the time wasn’t enough for Logan – there’s more. Logan announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend, Michelle Petty, a while back. Janelle Brown also said that through all this effort, Logan always found time for the love of his life Michelle.

So, it appears that the first born of the Sister Wives clan is an overachiever. Not to mention that he has a mom who is as proud as a mom can be today over all this young man accomplished already in life.

Janelle is not only proud of her son for being so goal-oriented but also for his work ethic. She shows just how much pride she holds for her son when she calls Logan Brown a “pretty great human” as well.

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