‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Embarrassing Secret Revealed – Mortified at 50?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has a secret that remained under wraps despite TLC cameras tracking her life. But it seems one of her co-wives revealed the secret recently. It happened when Janelle tried a feat she finds almost impossible to do. Check out what shocking secret Kody Brown’s second wife’s been keeping.

Sister Wives: Nothing Backwards About Janelle Brown?

So how does one describe Janelle Brown’s problem that plagued her for most of her adult life? You could say she’s got a backward problem. One thing is for sure, you might not want to stand behind her when she backs up her car. In a new Sister Wives clip, Janelle’s uncomfortable trying this driving maneuver.

Although Janelle Brown looks confident behind the wheel of her car, that changes when she puts it in reverse. It seems at 50-years-old, Janelle Brown’s still unsure of backing up her car. She claims it’s some special kind of thing she just can’t master.

Janelle describes the problem as she doesn’t have that “spacial relationship” needed to back-up a vehicle. Another excuse that Janelle Brown offered to the Sister Wives camera is that she’s too short. But that backup camera in her car is the best thing for her driving, she said. Although she still can’t use it in reverse apparently.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Back-Up Problems – You’re Not Alone, Janelle Brown

From what the experts say, it looks like Janelle Brown is not alone with her backing up fears. Two most-feared driving tasks involve a car in reverse. Both backing up and parallel parking tend to be the most dreaded events for new drivers. And some experienced drivers maintain that fear – like this Sister Wives mom. So, here’s how the secret came out.

Christine Brown heard her Sister Wives counterpart had trouble with her back-up move. So, when it was time to leave Coyote Pass after a family picnic, Janelle Brown said she might need some help. So, Christine was ready to hop in Janelle’s vehicle and back it up for her. See the pic above then keep reading to see what went down.

Sister Wives: Embarrassed Janelle Can’t Back It Up at 50

At the family outing, despite Christine offering help, Janelle Brown said she needs to learn for herself. Next, Christine bravely pitched in to help in a crazy way because the Sister Wives’ third wife stood behind the car. Then, Janelle put it in reverse to back up, Christine went to work. Plus, for more realism, Christine brought in Robyn Brown for this training session.

Robyn pulled in her car as another obstacle for learning this driving lesson. So, with Christine waving her hands and pointing her fingers, and Robyn creeping up behind Janelle Brown, the exercise started. But did she master it, or will she remain embarrassed by her driving stumbling block at her age? New episodes roll out Sunday night on TLC.

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