‘Sister Wives’: Janelle and Christine Brown’s First ‘Explosive’ Fight Revealed [Video]

Sister Wives celebs Janelle Brown and Christine Brown had their first huge fight in the kitchen back in the early days of the Brown family. So, on the heels of the recent battle among all five Sister Wives adults, it makes sense to take a look back at the fights that paved the way. It seems that’s just what these two ladies did.

Sister Wives: Battles Through Time

Janelle Brown, who many see as the Sister Wives voice of reason, offered up the story. The fun wife, Christine Brown, also added to the historic tale.

So, the Sister Wives co-wives describe this battle for their fans. They go back to the early days of their plural marriage. That’s back to a time with only three wives, all who were learning to live like one big family.

During the earlier days, they experienced a learning curve on cohabitation. Their problem mostly came out of the kitchen. Three wives shared one kitchen and each had their own family recipes, so it didn’t mix well.

This might be why Kody Brown made a big deal out kitchens recently. He made sure his Sister Wives spouses heard him when attempting to sell the big house idea.

Kody said each wife would have their own kitchen as if this was a big deal. Apparently history indicates that it is.Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Christine Brown & Janelle Brown – Boxing Gloves and a Ladle

It seems that sharing one kitchen in their Utah home caused them to bang heads now and then. But one of the first fights Janelle ever had with the other Sister Wives ladies had to do with canning. Christine Brown mocks Janelle from back then.

In an exaggerated nasal voice, Christine imitates Janelle saying we have to do the canning this way. This is the way her mother did it.

Canning tomatoes was the task of the day in this story. The Sister Wives got through it but not unscathed. Apparently they didn’t realize they needed to refrigerate their canned tomatoes. Janelle pipes in to explain that tomatoes ferment.

Sister Wives: Cleanup on Aisle 1?

Well, it seems those tomatoes did ferment and exploded all over the Sister Wives shared kitchen. The red tomatoes dripped from the ceiling and walls. So, it seems Janelle did get to do the canning the way she wanted to but the outcome was a real explosion.

Janelle Brown and her kitchen cohort Christine Brown described how the tomatoes exploded and the fruit of their labor was all over the place. They laughed about it today but apparently it was a battle they will never forget.

Both Janelle Brown and co-wife Christine Brown talk about how their arguments through the years usually came from learning to share. Especially in the kitchen.

Apparently the fight going on right now on this season’s episode is brutal in comparison to yesteryears arguments. Tune in to TLC on Sunday night at 10 pm EST to watch a new episode of this popular reality series.

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