‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Lowers Boom on Christine’s Boo-Hooing?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is considered the voice of reason with the fans. So, when she claps back at Christine Brown, viewers listen. Or they will be on the new episode Sunday night when Janelle Brown spells it out for the Sister Wives viewers.

It seems Janelle Brown loves the true polygamous family lifestyle of everyone together under one roof. But, this Sister Wives multi-marriage drifted from what they once had. So, Janelle’s worried. This one big house Kody Brown wants is about kids and family.

Yet, Christine and Robyn Brown seem to make it about jealousy around their shared husband.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Losing Patience With Christine Brown?

When the new episode rolls out on Sunday night, viewers will hear Janelle’s reveal on the family. The Sister Wives don’t see much of each other. So, she thinks the family structure’s wounded. Janelle Brown worries that their family culture’s circling the drain as they grow further apart.

So, Janelle Brown believes one big house is a step in the right direction. She sides with their husband on this being a way to get back to a life they once cherished. And, Kody feels Christine is killing something special when she shot down his idea. Robyn also seems to sway Christine’s way as well.

Because, they seem more worried about Kody’s time with the other Sister Wives. Kody said they all decided they’d be a family. So, he questions why any of his wives would want to live apart. Yet, Christine Brown won’t even consider Kody’s plan, she’s adamant she wants her own home.

Meri takes this personally. But, admits her co-wife might not mean this as personal to any of the wives. Still, Christine Brown sounds as if she rejects the other wives. Even Christine said it probably looks that way to her Sister Wives.

Kody may have a few selfish reasons for his big house. For one thing, he’s tired of packing up to move from house to house. But the main premise of his need to put the tribe under one roof is to create a close family unit once again.

Janelle Tells It Like She Sees It

Now with Kody trying to put their family back in one space, Christine Brown’s a major roadblock. It looks like Robyn may join Christine in her campaign against this big house. In the next Sister Wives episode, Janelle doesn’t sugar coat things. She lays it on the line for Christine Brown or the other wives. Robyn Brown starts a spiel about what could happen in this suggested Sister Wives shared dwelling.

She paints the picture of Kody and Christine Brown headed out on a date with the other wives watching. Christine pipes up that she wants privacy when leaving with her husband. Robyn said she doesn’t want to return home from a date and bump into another wife. If this were a cartoon, Janelle Brown might have smoke coming out her years.

All four Sister Wives signed-on for this plural marriage. It’s not a new concept for Christine Brown. After all, she’s been Kody’s wife for close to 25 years and grew up in a plural home. It’s not new to Robyn either. Because, she shared Kody for close to a decade with his three original wives. Then, Janelle Brown describes how she could see all the houses when the Sister Wives lived in Vegas.

But, Janelle said she never spied on Kody. Plus, in a house as big as Kody plans, they’re each off in their own areas. Unfortunately, zoning won’t allow four separate entrances. So, the shared front door’s unavoidable. But, Robyn and Christine Brown makes a big thing out of that. But, Janelle Brown claps back on this.

Sister Wives: Plural Marriage Means More Than One Wife

Janelle Brown says that unless the wives stand guard at the door, they won’t see Kody come and go with another wife. As far as Janelle’s concerned, she doesn’t have time for that. With that, Janelle suggested their Sister Wives’ husband presented a house plan with a well-thought-out design for privacy.

Janelle Brown then offered points to think about. Starting with the fact that all five Sister Wives adults opted to live in a plural marriage. Kody’s second wife also made the point that seeing the other women can’t be avoided in a plural marriage.

And, all four women entered the world of polygamy with eyes wide open. Janelle remembers how three wives lived under one roof decades ago. While the Sister Wives experienced problems, they also found a wonderful family life in a shared dwelling. Meri also agrees with that thought.

So, it looks like the case for Kody’s one house grows despite Christine Brown’s naysaying. While Robyn sounds cautious, it also looks like she might be swayed towards the plan. Janelle Brown’s definitely on board and Meri also seems interested. Will Kody eventually build his castle? First, he has to navigate around Christine Brown and possibly Robyn as well.

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