‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Begs-Off So Christine Bunks with Kody by Default

Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and her co-wife, Christine Brown, gave fans a quick glimpse into their shared husband’s modern-day bedtime schedule. Better yet, fans were offered another clue of the Brown spouses’ night time activities in Sunday’s episode.

It looks like fans learned who the famous Sister Wives leader, Kody Brown, continues to romance these days. But another clue might indicate someone missing from that modern-day list.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Too Tired – Christine Brown Thrilled

Sometimes you just have to read between the Sister Wives lines, but not this time. It seems Kody Brown has a built-in protocol after he’s been apart from one wife for a while. The proud grandfather made his way to Maddie Brown Brush as she was ready to deliver his second grandchild.

Janelle Brown, Maddie’s biological mom, had been with Maddie for almost two weeks by this time. Kody Brown and Christine Brown arrived by flight to North Carolina to be there for this new addition to the Sister Wives tribe. By this time Kody hadn’t seen Janelle in two weeks.

While Kody, Janelle, and Christine hung out waiting for Maddie to give birth, sleeping arrangements were made. Both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown secured their own hotel rooms.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Kody Brown Explains How He Makes Bedtime Decisions

The Sister Wives shared husband explained how things work with him. Usually, if he’s apart from one of his wives for a while, when they’re reunited, he sleeps in that wife’s bed that night.

That meant after two weeks apart, Janelle Brown had the honor. But wait, it looks like she didn’t want to be bothered. Janelle made it clear. She plans to hit the sack – alone and go right to sleep. She doesn’t want to tug for her fair share of the sheet and blanket all night.

So, in lieu of her Sister Wives’ husband crawling into bed with her, Janelle Brown opts to sleep alone. Kody then says he will sleep with Christine tonight to let Janelle get some much-needed rest.

Christine Brown perked up like she won the prize. She even called this a “polygamy perk”. It looks like Christine got her night of romance by default.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Modern-Day Schedule

It seems the fans got a glimpse into Kody Brown’s schedule today, as opposed to the one he alluded to a decade ago when Sister Wives first hit the TLC screen. Meri Brown and Robyn Brown didn’t make the trip for Maddie’s birth.

Fans got the hint in another scene in this episode of Sister Wives that Meri no longer makes the grade for Kody’s schedule. A short clip of next week’s Sister Wives offered a glimpse of Meri and Kody at the therapist’s office.

They don’t carry on as a married couple anymore. It sounds as if the two ended their relationship as husband and wife. Despite marital relations going south, Meri still remains part of the Sister Wives family. But it sounds as if Kody no longer considers her his wife.

Now some editing on behalf of TLC could be at work here, as this came from a preview of next week’s show. But it sounds as if Kody Brown and Meri Brown part ways when it comes to husband and wife activities.

It appears Meri remains part of the family despite her wifely duties no longer being part of the deal. But fans won’t know this for sure until next week’s episode rolls out. Either way, Christine seemed very content with her “polygamy perk”.

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