‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Still Part of Kody’s Rotation After 26 Years?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to value her alone time with Kody Brown when she doesn’t have to vie for his attention among three other wives. Fans believe Kody’s attention is still on his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. But the Sister Wives patriarch just dropped a little blurb in a post that may suggest otherwise.

Sister Wives: Yearly Post from Christine Brown

After 26 years of marriage to her Sister Wives husband, it looks like Christine pretty much got the anniversary photo post down to a science. It seems Christine Brown posted her annual wedding anniversary pose with Kody Brown by her side this week.

While they look like the average happy couple, this Sister Wives duo is far from average. Christine Brown shares her husband with three other ladies.

So, once Christine Brown is done celebrating alone with her husband, fans believe Kody goes back home. It seems the fans think that Robyn Brown’s house is his Sister Wives home these days.

For a decade viewers shared their thoughts online about Kody’s relationship with his four wives. Many believe the Sister Wives’ father of 18 only has Robyn in his sights when it comes to romance. So it seems many fans believe home is with Robyn… but maybe not.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Kody Brown Spins Magical Mystery Tour

Kody Brown is a master at spinning mystery. This keeps the Sister Wives viewers interested and coming back. Assumptions about Kody and his wives often run rampant online. But Kody doesn’t usually step in to set things straight. It seems any publicity is good publicity.

When the Sister Wives first hit the TLC channel, Kody Brown and his wives shared some intimate details with fans. They let fans know how this shared husband slept with a different wife every night.

He also kept a very fair schedule in his head of who he should stay with on any given night. Now fans think that schedule now has Robyn penciled in across the week. But Kody offered something on social media this week that seems to go against that thought.

Kody was explaining the explosive scenes around buying a home between him and Robyn. He was defending himself as people condemned his behavior online.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown


Sister Wives: Read Between the Lines

He admits to being “intense” but he also says he’s very “angry”. This apparently is his excuse for coming off as “mean,” which he also admits to. The Sister Wives leader adds that he has a responsibility to put a roof over his kids’ heads. But at the same time he needs to keep them close by so he can see them often.

If this house was also Kody’s one and only home he wouldn’t add the blurb about keeping the kids close by. So it looks as if Kody isn’t permanently living with one wife after all.

It seems he wants Robyn and the kids close by everyone else so he can see them often. If he was living with Robyn full-time that wouldn’t be an issue.

Although, there’s much speculation on where he’s hunkered down today. It appears he may be at Robyn’s riding out the Coronavirus shut-down.

So it looks like Christine Brown’s milestone of 26-years of marriage might not end with Kody going “home”. It appears that Christine Brown still gets him for entire nights. The only one who appears off that schedule is Meri Brown.

The Sister Wives head-honcho said in an interview a while back that he and Meri don’t interact like a married couple. He also said that he’s not “living” with her anymore.

So it looks like that rooster is down to Christine Brown getting every third night if that schedule is still up and running.

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