‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Mocks Co-Spouses As She Basks In Her Win?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to find some joy in the pull she had in a recent family decision that left everyone at odds. In the next episode, it seems Christine rides high these days after her vote weighed heavily on the demise of Kody’s big house.

When the third co-wife gets together with her daughter, Aspyn Brown Thompson, Christine seems to take pleasure in mocking the situation. Their laughter seems to offer evidence of this. No matter what Kody Brown said about his one-house idea, Christine nixed it.

At least the other Sister Wives agreed to consider Kody’s dream with an open mind. But not his third wife.

Sister Wives: Does Christine Brown Have a Hidden Agenda?

Christine Brown seemed to like the power she had on the decision. After all, her “no” wiped that one big house right off the table. At the time, fans bashed Christine. But Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, and Janelle Brown backed up their Sister Wives‘ prerogative to turn it down.

But in the previews for the next episode, it seems as if Christine Brown mocks the situation. It appears Aspyn visits her mom, and while the two prepare something in the kitchen, they chat. The talk centers on that big house presentation on Sister Wives, and Aspyn asks her mom what she said at the time.

Christine seems to recite her exact words proudly. She tells her daughter she said, “I love you, I just don’t want to live with you”. Then, mom and daughter laugh. Those are words meant for her Sister Wives. Did she really think this was funny? Was she making a joke or being flippant about delivering those words?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Aspyn Brown Thompson

That’s One Devious Smile You’ve Got There

Next, there’s a scene of Christine sitting alone and talking to a Sister Wives producer. She tells them, “It was hard for Kody”. Then, Christine Brown admits that she “squashed his whole plan”. The producer asked if Kody’s still mad at her. And she put on a sly-looking grin and said, “yeah”.

So what’s up with Christine Brown? At first, you might think she’s happy they’re not sharing a home together. Sister Wives viewers get that she likes having her own domain. In fact, some of her followers even said they were happy for her.

No one doubts that Christine Brown wants her own dwelling apart from the other Sister Wives. But is it the future living situation of an individual home she looks forward to? Or is she basking in the win and relishing a bit of power from achieving that win?

Sister Wives: This Time – She Drove

Christine is one of four wives sharing a husband. So, as one of four with an opinion on family matters, she doesn’t always get her way. It isn’t often that Christine drives the bus exclusively where only she wants to go. So maybe this win rejuvenated her self-esteem, or maybe she feels empowered after the family’s future plans went in her direction.

For whatever reason, Christine Brown seemed to wallow in her being the one that destroyed Kody’s one house plan on Sister Wives. What’s more, Christine had a good laugh over it with her daughter. But, given how TLC edits, it may be less dramatic once it all plays out on the next episode.

Earlier this season, Christine complained the show’s editing made her out as the bad guy. So, tune into the TLC series on Sunday night at 10 pm EST to see where the next episode takes Christine Brown.

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