‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Serious Problems Revealed in New Season?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is the “fun” one out of all the wives of this plural marriage but it doesn’t look that way anymore. Now that the trailer emerged for the new season of Sister Wives, Christine is looking far from the lady Kody Brown dubbed as fun.

Fans suggested from time to time that Christine Brown deals with some deep problems behind her ever-smiling face. This Sister Wives mom of six appears happy with whatever life throws her way. She also was once Kody’s biggest advocate. She’d get behind him no matter what he wanted to do.

Sister Wives – Sudden Change In Christine Brown

It seems that all changed when Christine learned she was expected to share her Sister Wives’ husband more than what she does now. Then it just snowballed from that point. The new trailer for the up-and-coming season shows a very different Christine Brown today.

The tide seemed to change for Christine a while back when she learned Kody had one big Sister Wives house in mind. Her privacy with her shared husband means everything to her, so she wouldn’t have it.

While the other Sister Wives ladies discussed this, Christine Brown was adamant, nothing would change her mind. She’s the wife who pushed the limits with Kody’s rule about not showing any romantic gestures when there’s a chance the other wives could see this.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Pushing the Limits

Several times through the seasons, Kody re-directed the third lady in this Sister Wives’ marriage.  One incident appears above in the photo. As she moved in for a hug, Kody threw his head back and attempted to back her away from him. Despite the obvious frustration on Kody’s part when she did this, she continued.

Sister Wives fans heard Christine explain in her own words the heartbreak she suffers by not having a marriage certificate. While she considers herself Kody’s spouse, legally she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She discussed this with Kody a few seasons back.

Her dream of being the third woman in a Sister Wives family really didn’t have anything to do with the number three. She wanted the spot of the last woman he married. But another younger woman got that.

Most plural marriages this family knows of consist of only two or three wives. Four wives is a rare occurrence, explained Robyn Brown years back in a book penned by the Sister Wives adults.

Christine wanted that last slot. Always being Kody Brown’s newest was her idea of marriage. It seems she saw herself in the spot Robyn filled for their shared husband. This might be why she seemed to be hit the hardest with Robyn entering the family.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Problems Surface Along With the Tears

The new Sister Wives Season 15 trailer shows a different Christine Brown today. She tells the camera she went against the patriarch’s wishes, which is not like her. The mom of six did this by going out during the COVID after he specifically insisted all four families stay home.

She broke down and told Meri Brown that she couldn’t stay married to their shared husband anymore. Robyn suggested she couldn’t trust one of the wives. That’s because this unnamed spouse is sabotaging Robyn’s marriage.

Christine’s name did not pop up while Robyn explained this. But it sounded as if she had  Christine Brown in mind. So, it appears as if this Sister Wives mom of six worries about where she stands with Kody Brown. Did she go as far as sabotaging his marriage to the one lady many fans dub his favorite, Robyn?

In one scene from the new trailer, she tells Robyn they don’t have to do anything together. The look on Robyn’s face said it all, seen above. So, it seems the third woman to join this plural marriage revealed some serious problems on the Sister Wives trailer. It sounds as if Christine is feeling a bit insignificant these days. Or at least it looks that way when it comes to Kody.

Catch the first new episode of Sister Wives Season 15 on Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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