‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Gets Snarky – Has Meltdown In New Season Promo

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown seems to admit that she’s the source of misery for the other co-wives in the new season trailer for 2021. Kody Brown once described this mom of six as offering the most fun out of all his four wives. But some of the rather snarky remarks she makes in this trailer seems to indicate otherwise these days.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Made to Sound Awful In Season 15 Trailer?

TLC released the new season trailer this week. The normally silly, yet kind Christine Brown suddenly sounds more flippant when talking to her spouses. It’s not a persona she wears well. It’s also not behavior fancied by her Sister Wives fans.

At one point in the season trailer, this Sister Wives mom of six said “I’m always looking for a fight, apparently. Christine not only said this but in another scene, she tells Janelle Brown that she is sure that “everybody hates me, all the time.” She’s also seen with a rather snide look on her face a few times throughout the Season 15 trailer.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown

Sarcasm Doesn’t Fit Christine Brown Well

Sister Wives fans aren’t privy to a lot of interaction between Kody’s third and fourth wives, Christine and Robyn Brown. In the trailer, Christine tells Robyn that they don’t have to do anything together. The snarky way this comes out of her mouth has fans wondering what happened to this mom of six.

Don’t forget this Sister Wives teaser trailer consists of many different scenes from the entire season. These are spliced together to give the fans some of the highlights of the drama slated for this new season.

So, while it may appear like the mom of six traded her personality in for one that’s not as likable, the editing could have a lot to do with it.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown New Season Promo

Sister Wives: Tops It Off With a Melt Down

The reaction that Christine got from her Sister Wives co-wives in this promo video seems to tell the story. The things she said conjured up several different responses including tears, rolling eyes, and heads shaking.

But things seem to escalate for her and she breaks down in tears herself. She tells Meri that she can no longer stay in this marriage to Kody. Meri, who has plenty of her own problems in the season promo, takes Christine aside while at Coyote Pass.

The Sister Wives original matriarch tells Christine Brown to look at all this, pointing out into the land they own. She tells the third bride of Kody Brown she doesn’t get to walk away.

But she’s crying uncontrollably. Whatever it is that Kody did to put her in this state must be awful. Normally his third bride dotes on Kody’s every word.

For more than a decade of seasons, Christine repeated that she considers Kody the number one person in her world. But something happened that left her visibly shaken on the new Season 15.

Sister Wives returns on Sunday, February, 14 on TLC at 10 pm EST.  Come back to Soap Dirt often for your daily news on Sister Wives.