‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Describes Bizarre Trade-Off

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is the one most likely to let something slip among all five spouses and it looks as if she did it again. The third woman who married into the TLC Sister Wives clan does acknowledge that she tends to ramble.

It seems that when Christine goes on one of those Sister Wives rambling spiels, she often reveals too much information. It appears she has this in common with Kody Brown whose wives often suggest that he doesn’t have a filter.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gives Away Family Secrets

While recently rambling on a video as she talked to a Sister Wives fan, Christine Brown revealed even more. She described how she handles the question heard by all the moms of two or more children out there.

When one of the kids asks Christine who is her favorite among her kids, she has a blurb all ready to go. She’s found that this not only encompasses all her kids but it works to her benefit as well.

When one a Sister Wives kids ask Christine which one is now her favorite, this is what she tells them. The mother of six explains how she loves them all the same. But they each have something different that she loves about each of them. Although she has no favorites and tells her kids there’s no such thing.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown's Children

The Way She Talks – It Gets The House Clean

Christine also tells the family that she sometimes sees one of her Sister Wives children as the favorite child of the day. This depends on who serves her the most. Like when she comes home and finds the house clean.

Apparently whoever cleaned the house is her favorite for that day. So, can you guess what happens around Christine’s house? This mom of six says it’s a great way to get both the house and her car cleaned.

She told fans when she’s away on the “set” and she gets home to a sparkling clean house she loves that. So, whoever serves her that day is the favorite of the day for this Sister Wives mom.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Daughter Ysabel Topples Tree

Sister Wives: Sibling Competition

Christine is well aware that this breeds competition between Sister Wives siblings as they seem to jump into a pleasing their mom mood. It’s not hard to see that Christine has a great bond with her tribe.

Her house often looks like a kids’ paradise. Fans watch her on the show with her Sister Wives family and she always looks very involved with her children. Even some of the photos she’s shown her followers indicate she’s all about her kids.

Truely Brown, Christine’s youngest, is regularly seen making some creation that often leaves a mess in the aftermath. This Sister Wives mom even filmed her teen daughter, Ysabel Brown, take a running jump at the Christmas tree last year.

She jumped half-way up the tree and bear-hugged it. Christine Brown didn’t miss a frame of that film as her daughter toppled over with the tree. The still shots of that video appear above.  So, this fun Sister Wives mother knows how to be friends with her children as well.

So while she might get some extra work out of her children as they try to become the favorite for that day, she puts a lot of work into this family. Just about every time you see a photo of this mom out and about, she has one or more of her offspring with her. She seems very involved in all their lives.

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