Sister Wives: Christine Brown Cracks Under Loneliness – Treads Carefully?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown treads lightly today as it appears she cracked under the pressure of loneliness and shared this online. Over the last week or so, Christine kept her posts generic. That change came on the heels of disses from fans. They clapped back after a couple of tone-deaf posts.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Slowly Returns to Gabbing Online?

It looks like Kody Brown’s third wife felt compelled to reach out to her fans while lonely. Christine Brown seems to crack under the pressure of not having a platform for sharing her thoughts.

From what her latest post indicates, Christine’s a very social creature by nature. She even misses impromptu chats in the supermarket checkout lines with strangers.

But her gift of gab got her into hot water a few weeks back. Christine Brown upset her Sister Wives followers with a couple of posts that looked like she didn’t think through what she shared.

The Sister Wives star tried to market clothing in her post about a serious issue facing the nation today. Fans shamed her for using it as a sales pitch.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Christine Brown a Talkative Soul

It also looked as if her enthusiasm got the best of her recently. She seemed to throw a few jabs at her co-Sister Wives. Her need to gab came into play as she shared a date night photo. She said she embraced sexy while waiting to spend time with her shared husband.

Right after those incidents, the third of the Sister Wives, deleted the comments. Then, Christine Brown shut the comment section on her social off altogether. But she’s lonely today, so she’s reaching out to her fans, but still treading lightly.

The latest Sister Wives post showed her reading a book sitting outside. Christine Brown doesn’t offer anything to misconstrue. This harmless post doesn’t seem to leave room for bashing. But, she may still be gun-shy, since she’s closed the comments.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Did TLC Step-In?

Not only did Christine start a ruckus online, but her gift of gab caused her to slip. She pointed to another season of Sister Wives in the works.

She shared this news before TLC could. Now, the network still hasn’t officially announced another season. They didn’t have to — it seems Christine did it for them by confirming they’re filming now. She spilled the beans when fans asked about Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis. It’s been mentioned several times on other seasons.

Christine Brown’s answer also seemed to confirm once more that they were filming Sister Wives Season 15. She said she couldn’t talk about Ysabel’s diagnosis due to a nondisclosure contract. She said it was a storyline for the next season.

So, besides leaking the news, she later elaborated on the season when asked by fans again. This time she gave details on the filming schedule. Another big debacle came when she attempted a fundraiser by asking Sister Wives enthusiasts to buy the clothes she sells.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Nondisclosure Agreement  – It’s a Fine Line

She needed to raise $50,000 for the downpayment on her daughter’s surgery. She needed this even after the insurance picked up part of the bill. That was a red flag for the Sister Wives followers who saw this during Christine Brown’s live sales online.

It also gave away the storyline as she said she had a nondisclosure agreement that didn’t allow her to talk about it. Sure, she didn’t mention the daughter’s name, but the fans assumed it is Ysabel. So it looks like she gave away that storyline.

So with all the chatting that she’s done online, spilling things she shouldn’t and then rattling the fans with her take on things, maybe TLC stepped in. Her comment section still appears off.

It also seems as if she’s posting just about as generic as you can get. So maybe TLC asked this Sister Wives fun wife, as Kody Brown calls her, to dial it back a bit? Or maybe she’s still a bit apprehensive after the last round of slamming she got from the Sister Wives fans.

Whatever is going on with Christine Brown, it looks like she’s lonely. So where’s the Sister Wives shared husband these days?

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