‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Holds Onto Special Moments with Kody Brown

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown often appears as Kody Brown’s most attentive co-wife through the seasons. But, what does she get in return? It seems that when she joined the Sister Wives clan as the third wife, she thought she’d get a lot in return.

Christine also said how she thought that third wife spot would be easy. But it didn’t take long for her to find out that she was wrong.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has a Thing for Number Three

Christine Brown came to the Sister Wives brood with a theory. It appears that theory started with her belief that Kody already worked out the kinks of his plural marriage with two wives.

Christine thought by the time she took her vows as wife number three, she’d find less work as far as relationships go. Her third wife theory started long before Kody or the family of Sister Wives came into the picture.

Growing up in a polygamous family she couldn’t imagine any other lifestyle. For some reason, that third wife spot appealed to her.

When Kody Brown crossed paths with Christine, she fell hard for this guy. Then to top it off, the Sister Wives clan had that third wife spot still vacant.

Christine was crazy about Kody and he didn’t have a third wife. So, it seemed her wish came true once joining this Sister Wives tribe. But she soon found out her theory had a couple of flaws.

Third Wife Spot Not Easy

Plenty Of Kinks To Work Out Inside Kody Brown Family

When Christine came on board the SS Sister Wives ship, she faced plenty of kinks with the relationships. Kody Brown and his three wives had no more financial security than you’d expect from a bunch of teenagers.

Equating themselves to a bunch of teens lacking finances came from a book penned long ago by the Sister Wives spouses. From arguments over the kitchen to the differences in housework strategies, the women were far from harmonious.

Then of course, as the fans of the TLC series point out, it appears Christine didn’t count on a fourth wife. Many veteran Sister Wives viewers believe Christine wanted to be the last wife. They think she never counted on number four.

Robyn Brown pointed out that most plural marriages within their church had two wives. It’s rare to see three and even more remote to see four. So It sounds as if Christine thought she might be the youngest and newest wife throughout their marriage. But Kody proved her wrong when Robyn hit his radar.

Kody Brown and third wife

Sister Wives: Cherished Moments with Kody

Christine Brown, as well as the other co-wives, learned to live with a man sharing his love among four women. So, unlike a wife in a monogamous marriage, Christine takes advantage of what she can get as far as special moments with Kody Brown.

Unlike many traditional marriages, the Sister Wives ladies get their shared-husband only a quarter of the time. Or at least that was the idea when they started.

Christine’s two special moments she shared in this book sounded rather sad at the time to some Sister Wives followers. Christine went through a rather gloomy time early on when the kids first started to pile up in the family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Christine Brown Recalls Memories of Special Times

Christine Brown stayed home and supplied the childcare while Janelle Brown worked and Meri Brown went to college. It was during this time she went shopping with Kody and Janelle Brown. A white fringed suit caught her eye that she had to try on.

Because she loved the outfit so much, Kody insisted that she keep it. They were broke at the time and that suit carried a price tag of $100. She felt on top of the world when Kody said he didn’t care about the money. Her Sister Wives shared husband wanted her to have this outfit.

Another time that Kody Brown made her feel special was when he picked her to go on a work trip with him. Kody’s job at the time entailed traveling to trade shows, which kept him away from home.

The Sister Wives patriarch took Janelle and Meri Brown with him on these trips previously. But not Christine Brown. This was long before Robyn became part of the family. So when Kody finally invited her, she was in her glory.

But this wasn’t a romantic getaway for Christine. She took Aspyn and Mariah, who were babies at the time, with them. Despite a few breakdowns with the car and being stuck in the cold, Christine felt so special through it all.

So, these special moments stand out for Christine Brown during her marriage with Kody Brown. Maybe you see why fans felt a tinge of sadness at the time she shared these stories. This Sister Wives mom felt overjoyed only when picked by Kody as one out of four women to get this special treatment.

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