‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown in Heap of Hot Water Just Staying at Home?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown has gathered quite a bit of attention over her posts in the last few days after backlash surfaced. The third wife of Kody Brown is pictured at home in her recent posts. But for someone who spends her time isolated these days she sure can find ways to peeve off some Sister Wives fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Writes It – But Doesn’t Show It

Christine Brown’s latest post below describes a wonderful day. She claims she’s just ending a day of sunshine and lots of fresh air. She also claims, “good to be alive” but her face in the photo doesn’t seem to mirror that peace and contentment she writes about.

This Sister Wives spouse appears a bit more forlorn than happy in the photo below. She posted a few other pictures of herself and the kids playing in the backyard.

It didn’t take long for the “Where is Kody Brown?” question to pop up from the Sister Wives followers. One comment even suggested that Kody spends all his time with Robyn Brown’s kids and that he should pay more attention to Truely.

Another fan caught Christine’s wording on her post and called her out on it. Christine wrote “Just ending fresh air and sunshine today” but the fan asked if she meant to say “enjoying” instead of “ending”. A little slip on the Sister Wives mom’s part? Maybe this is how she really feels today after the week she’s had online.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Christine Brown Irritating the Fans?

It seems this Sister Wives lady can’t get enough of her husband and sometimes her attempts look rather sad. Fans suggested Christine seemed to make an attempt to seduce Kody Brown online last week. They also suggested how this move took a jab at the other three wives.

She donned a top and suggested it worked well in the bedroom just as it does for street clothes. But the fans surmised by Christine’s innuendos that she took the opportunity to take a seductive swipe toward Kody at the same time.

This incident came on the heels of her now-infamous date night photo, where she conveyed to the fans – “embrace sexy”. She got all dolled up, including wearing red spiked heels. This too was seen as a dig at the trio of women who wouldn’t be joining in on Christine and Kody for date night.

That wasn’t the only thing that went on this week resulting in Christine hitting a bad cord with fans. Apparently Christine meant well when talking about the sad things going on in this nation today.

She also attempted to sell her LuLaRoe clothing line in the same post. People slammed this Sister Wives wife and mother for not using her platform to get a message out. Instead, she used it to sell her wares. Her followers thought it was in very bad taste to advertise her clothes for sale in the same post talking about the horrendous problems this nation faces.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Turns Rejection Into Jokes

Christine Brown is so upbeat on the Sister Wives series. But sometimes you catch a glimpse of a sad-looking woman when the camera pans her way. Things seem to backfire on Christine more often than the rest of her Sister Wives co-wives.

Kody Brown backed away from Christine just as she moved in to give him a hug on camera a couple of seasons back. That embarrassing moment prompted Christine to make jokes and exaggerated facial expressions. This was most likely done to cover up the hurt.

Christine made light of this unwanted hug as Kody looked a bit irritated at his shared wife making this advance on camera.

So, as Christine Brown makes the best of her stay-at-home situation, she continues to backfire in her deeds. Both her play on bedroom attire and wishing for the nation to heel weren’t done in malice on this Sister Wives‘ part. But they backfired into a mess.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Lights a Little Fire Now and Then

Then this weekend Christine Brown posted a picture of her and the kids in the backyard. You can’t get any more generic than these scenes. While most fans had uplifting things to say, some wondered why Kody wasn’t there with his kids as well.  This can’t be easy for this mom to hear.

Some of what the fans suspect might be true when it comes to Christine. She does seem to vie for attention from her Sister Wives hubby. She also has a tendency to do things that look like a ploy to bring out a bit of jealousy.

In the photo above the four Sister Wives moms went out to eat together without the Sister Wives leader. Christine Brown got a call from Kody Brown while all four women were at the table. Her swooning over Kody got Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown a little hot under the collar.

Many fans thought it was purposeful, just like they did when it came to her bedroom suggestions this week during her live sales. Either way, it looks as though Christine Brown is the Sister Wives who not only knows how to push her co-wives buttons, but she may have installed a few of those buttons along the way.

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