‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Wanted to Marry Best Friend’s Guy

Sister Wives spouse Christine Brown opened up about how long she wanted to be a sister-wife and her dream of marrying a best friend’s man. While this might seem strange to most people, Kody Brown’s wife sees it as a natural part of her upbringing.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Says Wanting to be a Co-Spouse is “Best Compliment”

In a recent video, Christine Brown wished someone a happy birthday and mentioned that a pal of theirs wanted to be her sister-wife. So, Christine advised them that the well-wisher was giving out extraordinary kindness. She said it’s the “best compliment ever” for someone to want that.

Then, Sister Wives star Christine shared a tidbit about growing up in a church of polygamists. She said in the congregation she attended — men had multiple wives. Then Christine said she and her friends would always talk about who they were going to marry.

So, TLC star Christine Brown said, “you’d pick the same guy.” She said for her and her friends, talking about being married to the same guy was something common — even as a kid. That’s something that most young girls don’t experience – unless they’re from this type of church.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Kody Brown’s Wife Grew up with Plural Marriage in Mind

Growing up, Christine Brown says it was normal to talk about marrying the same man as a friend. Now, of course, Christine is one of four Sister Wives hitched to Kody. And she planned that all along, even before she was old enough to date or get married.

Christine from Sister Wives said that it was the nicest thing to say when talking to friends, “Oh my gosh, I would totally be a sister-wife with you.” And in case you don’t believe her, she reiterated it, saying, “no kidding” — that was how it was back then for her.

For most young women talking about guys, they might argue over who got to marry their crush. But for Sister Wives mom Christine Brown, there was no need for this competitive attitude that most tween and teen girls adopt. In her church, you didn’t need to bicker over men, it seems.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Christine Brown Planned to be Co-Wives with Friends

Christine said her girlhood friends always wanted her to be their sister-wife. And apparently, she talked about the same thing with them. So, did Christine Brown wind up being a plural wife with any of her childhood pals? The answer is no.

However, Sister Wives co-spouse Meri Brown was friends with Christine before the latter married her husband. And if you didn’t know, Meri advocated for Kody to marry Christine and make her part of the family. So, initially, those two were pals.

But TLC showed on Sister Wives that the friendship cooled during Meri’s catfish scandal. So, while she didn’t make it to co-wife status with any of her girlhood church friends, her goal was “always, always, always” to make a marriage like that.

Now, we know Christine didn’t get to marry the same guy as a friend. But she insists she sustained best-friend relationships. Christine Brown seems to have held onto friends. These are women she knew before becoming a sister in marriage to Meri, Janelle, and Robyn.

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