‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Demanded Meri Leave Her Kids Alone

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown once accused Meri Brown of taking her frustration out on her kids and told her to stop interfering. Christine also said that she let it go on for too long. That is until the day she blew up at her co-wife, Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Claims Her Kids Feared Crossing Meri Brown

In a Sister Wives book Christine Brown was overly candid about her troubles with Meri Brown. She said a lot of things back when the kids were younger. Christine said that her kids were “wary” of Meri and “afraid to cross her accidentally.”

But this long-ago incident about Meri and the Brown kids isn’t the only one. Another blowup hit headlines last year. It had to do with one of the Sister Wives adult children as a child and Meri Brown. Maybe the kids thought one of their four moms was too strict?

It sounded as if Janelle’s daughter had a run-in with Meri online. No names were mentioned. But fans believed the now-adult Brown sibling seemingly targeted Meri on social media. It was also about her treatment as a child from this same mom.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown -Christine Brown

It Takes a Village to Raise a Kid?

When the Sister Wives series first rolled out, they talked about how wonderful it is to share childcare duties. At the time, Janelle said that she’s so thankful for her co-wives taking care of her kids while she worked.

But at one point it sounds as if Christine felt that Meri was way too tough on her kids, more so than the other children. Christine said instead of calmly approaching Meri when she first noticed this, it festered.

After some time went by it came to a head and Christine Brown screamed and yelled at the Sister Wives matriarch. This may also explain the coolness between Meri and Christine Brown on the show.

Christine never said exactly how Meri behaved toward her kids or share any details or examples. Still, it sounded like she thought her co-wife was too hard on them for some reason. It also sounded as if Christine felt her kids feared running into Meri during childhood.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Tweets


Sister Wives: Residual Effects of Blow Up?

Christine Brown said this blowup put a damper on her relationship with her co-wife. She and Meri Brown learned to be cordial to one another but it wasn’t a relationship that ran deep. A lot of water went under the bridge since 2012.

But today, eight years later, the Sister Wives fans still see a flicker of animosity now and then. They did witness Meri and co-wife, Christine Brown, at odds on the series over the last few seasons. One incident occurred around the birth of Maddie Brown Brush’s first baby, Axel Brush.

Christine told Meri she was glad she didn’t join them as Maddie gave birth. She said that Meri brings baggage with her into a room and it makes Christine uncomfortable.

Then last year Maddie Brown Brush called out an “abusive monster” from her Sister Wives’ childhood. She did this on social media and fans believed she aimed the post at Meri.

It started when Meri tweeted about someone close to her not taking selling LuLaRoe clothing seriously enough. She claimed they treated the sales gig as a hobby. The tweet seemed to have an angry tone to it.

Almost immediately Maddie Brown, Janelle’s daughter, sent out a grueling tweet about someone in her childhood. She called them “abusive” and also a “monster”. That tweet appears above.

While neither mentioned names, fans believed Maddie was referring to Meri Brown. So it sounded as if one of Janelle’s kids may also hold some bad memories of the matriarch of the Sister Wives family. That is if the abusive monster is who fans believe Maddie referred to.

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