‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Fills Nights Watching Hubby from Afar?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently showed up in one of her daughter’s posts which offered a few clues as to what she’s been up to. The photo that her daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, shared was taken in Christine’s backyard. It looked as if they had take-out dessert in front of them.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Takes In the TLC Reality Series

Christine Brown and her girls appeared to have a piece of pie with cans of Mug Root Beer to wash it down. Immediately Sister Wives enthusiasts threw in a few questions for Christine and her three daughters sitting with her at the backyard picnic table.

Many seemed interested in the kind of pie they had. Then some Flagstaff locals offered up the place to get pies in the area. But the Sister Wives online followers wanted to know where Christine Brown and her daughters were at the time the photo was taken.

Some of the online fans thought they might be at Coyote Pass, but the answer to that was no. Gwendlyn offered up a few hints about how her family spends time during their stay-at-home evenings. It usually starts off with hanging around in Christine’s backyard.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ysabel Brown - Truely Brown - Gwendlyn Brown


Let’s Watch Ourselves On TV…

Then Gwendlyn shares with the Sister Wives viewers how they usually go for a walk in the evening. Upon arriving home from their walk every night. they settle in to watch a movie or… one of the episodes. That sounds like a Sister Wives episode.

So, if Christine Brown’s bunch do that a couple of times a week, is that the equivalent of watching home movies or home videos? Maybe not, as TLC does a lot of editing, which is something you don’t tend to do with home movies.

It’s not every family that can turn on the TV to watch themselves on a reality series. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that wall to see how they critique themselves and the rest o their Sister Wives tribe?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown



Sister Wives: There He Is Now

Christine Brown doesn’t hide her need for attention from her shared husband. She’s made moves on camera towards Kody, so the Sister Wives audience as well as her co-wives are completely aware of her need for Kody Brown’s time.

With the pandemic keeping people pretty much stuck at home, Christine might not get the amount of time she desires from Kody. The photo doesn’t include Kody for dessert in the backyard.

So, it looks like Christine may find the next best thing is to tune in and watch her Sister Wives hubby on the screen. The family members who do poke their heads out on social media usually don’t share Kody’s whereabouts.

Fans of the TLC reality show pretty much surmise he’s hunkering down with Robyn Brown. But that’s because Kody doesn’t show up in the photos too often. Although, he was seen looking somewhat oblivious in a post last week

As Papa Brown scooped up something with a spoon, Janelle Brown’s daughter rested her head on his shoulder. But he looked like he was a million miles away by the expression on his face. So the stressed-out Sister Wives patriarch didn’t look too involved. Even when he was in the midst of his loved ones.

Who knows, maybe Christine knows how to

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