‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Passed by Christine Twice for Other Women – But She Waited

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown had a roving eye back in the day while Christine Brown waited for a spot to open up in his plural marriage. Christine is the first to admit she fell for Kody Brown and she believed she would join him at the start of his Sister Wives plural marriage.

It seems there’s something about this guy that his wives couldn’t pass up. This was especially true for the third woman to join him in a plural marriage. Still, she thought she’d join the man of her dreams a lot sooner than she did. But this wife from the Sister Wives series was wrong.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Waits For Kody Brown

Christine eventually became Mrs. Brown, the third wife in a polygamous marriage. But she endured some heartache as he passed her by twice by to marry other women. One got away but the other is still part of the Sister Wives clan today. Whether this reveal is the result of Christine saying too much or not, but she told the story of Kody’s eye on a teenager.

Kody, Meri Brown, and Christine Brown were all acquaintances due to their church. While Janelle Brown didn’t belong to the same religious sector as the rest of them, she was married to Meri’s brother. So, these women weren’t strangers when their shared husband brought them on board the SS Sister Wives.

Christine waited for a while for Kody to show interest in courting her. At one get-together, she brought a young teenage friend with her. Kody and Meri were there. One thing led to another and this teen became the next planned Sister Wives wife.

When Meri gave the news to Christine this crushed all her hopes of marrying Kody. She remembers how they told her. It happened when she went back to Kody’s father’s ranch for a visit.

Meri and Kody were still in the monogamous stage of their marriage back then. The couple stood on the front porch looking tensely excited. Meri told Christine they were courting the teenaged girl that she introduced to them just a few months prior.

Early Days of Plural Marriage

The Waiting Game

This teen was going to marry Kody and become Sister Wives’ number two wife once she turned 18.  But that spot Christine had in mind for herself. She was devastated. A young Christine Brown saw any chance of joining the Sister Wives’ plural marriage gone for good. She admits in the book she penned with her Sister Wives’ spouses that this girl was young and pretty. It collapsed her world. To add insult to injury, she introduced her to Meri and the man who would become the Sister Wives patriarch.

This news came at the same time Christine learned her parents were divorcing. Losing Kody coupled with her parent’s divorce rocked her world. She told her father that if any man shows interest in courting her, turn them down. She wasn’t interested in courting any man.

Christine didn’t take all Meri’s phone calls after that. It was too painful to hear about the courting of this girl. A week before the wedding that would change. Before the couple turned their marriage into a Sister Wives scenario, Meri called. This phone call she not only answered but it brought new hope into her life. The girl called the wedding off. The now third-wife in the Sister Wives family said it was the happiest day of her life. But that didn’t last and Christine was passed by once again.

Brown Patriarch With Third Wife Christine

Sister Wives: Another Woman Caught Kody’s Eye

Christine welcomed Meri and Kody back into her life, she was on track to join their family again and start the Sister Wives lifestyle. Or so she thought. The future Sister Wives patriarch talked with her as a friend, so one day he called to vent. He told Christine that this girl Janelle was driving him crazy. But she had no idea who he was talking about. He pointed out that Janelle attended some of the same events they’ve all been at.

It seemed odd to her that this woman drives him crazy but her future Sister Wives husband still associates with her. Apparently, she missed the full meaning behind “driving me crazy.” The next thing she knew, he married Janelle and the three of them moved to Wyoming. So now Christine lost the man she thought was her soul mate not to mention her two best friends.

After they settled in Wyoming, Meri called Christine to invite her to Kody’s birthday party. She also wanted her to drive a group from the church to the party as well. Off she went and when she arrived, there was Kody with his two wives. When Christine found herself alone with Kody for a moment she told him out of all the men she knew she wanted Kody as a husband. The rest is Sister Wives history,

Christine Brown endured a lot before becoming Kody’s third Sister Wives wife. It seems the man who would create this Sister Wives family in the future, passed by twice. From what fans see of this wife on the show when she wants attention from her shared husband, she gets it. So chances are she gave off clues when around Kody Brown.

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