‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Flaunts Bedtime Attire for Kody – Jab at Co-Wife?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks like she’s at it again as she flaunts her time with Kody Brown by going a step further than before. As fans know, Kody doesn’t like to flaunt romantic gestures when it comes to any of his wives. So, it looks like Christine decided to do some showing off of her own.

It also appears that she found the perfect place to do this. It seems her live online sales of LuLaRoe clothing gives Christine Brown a stage in front of her followers. So she used the platform to make innuendos about the sexy lingerie that she wears to bed. Some fans saw this as Christine flaunting her romantic relationship with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Just Put a Camera in Front of Christine Brown

Unlike her Sister Wives co-wife, Meri Brown, who is all business on her live-feed sales, Christine typically entertains her followers. She’s also amped up her “embrace sexy” mode, which she coined in a post.

Christine Brown first used “embrace your sexy” last week when she dressed up for date night. Her latest reference to alluring clothes also ties into Kody Brown, her shared Sister Wives husband.

Now she’s topped herself when it comes to showing off lingerie that she sells. She offered several hints about her time with Kody when it comes to her sexy nighttime wear and Sister Wives fans picked up on it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Kody Brown Steers Away From Showing Affection In Public

As fans of the Sister Wives series recall, Meri Brown is out of Kody’s life right now. Or at least the TLC show left the fans believing this as the last season ended.

Kody himself wouldn’t hint to sharing an intimate night with one wife out of respect for his other wives. It seems that Christine doesn’t follow that same Sister Wives protocol.

Sure, she never came right out and said this is what she wears to bed when Kody comes to call. But she certainly threw out enough clues with her facial expressions and play on words. Sister Wives followers seem to catch on quickly even as they messaged her while still doing her live sales event.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: And You Wonder How Jealousy Bubbles Up?

Christine Brown is the one Sister Wives’ spouse who doesn’t hide her infatuation of her husband very well. She seems to hang on every word that comes out of Kody Brown’s mouth. She’s not only very attentive to her shared husband, but she’s also very affectionate towards him as well.

In the picture above, Christine moves in for a hug. But Kody pulls away. you can see how the Sister Wives hubby looks a bit frustrated. That’s probably because they’re on camera and Kody doesn’t want the other wives uncomfortable if they should see this.

Now it seems that Christine Brown has taken it on herself to flaunt her romance with Kody Brown. Christine once had tears in her eyes when she talked about not having a marriage certificate. She also seemed to harbor some pain for not being able to call herself his wife legally and not being recognized as Kody’s legal spouse.

Some fans believe Christine might have a need to publicly carry on about being his wife. This sales platform gives her the perfect place to do this. Especially after all the years that Meri was Kody’s legal wife and now Robyn has that honor.

Other fans see this more like a jab to Meri Brown, who voiced her sorrows about wanting to have a husband-wife relationship with Kody again. Through the last few seasons, it was clear Meri and Christine were not on the best of terms. So as Meri longs for Kody’s romance again, fans see Christine flaunting her romance with their shared husband.

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