‘Sister Wives’: Christine Wiggles In as Kody Brown Edges Meri Out?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown continues his campaign to move next week but it looks like he replaces Meri Brown with Christine Brown to do so. As the first wife of Kody Brown, Meri Brown once seemed to have a different position in this plural marriage. Back when Sister Wives first aired in 2010, Meri appeared to share quite a bit of family responsibility with Kody Brown.

Meri was his first and only legal wife, but a few years ago she divorced Kody Brown on paper only. She did this to allow Robyn Brown to legally marry the head of this family. It was necessary so Kody could legally adopt Robyn’s children.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Once More Involved with Kody Brown

Still, Meri Brown holds the first wife position in this Sister Wives family. That is if you consider the number of years each of the wives were married Kody either legally or spiritually. But the close connection the two once shared while making family decisions seems to have disappeared. Fans will see this in the next episode on Sunday night how things changed with Meri.

Kody’s yearning to move saturates the conversation among the Brown household. So the man with four wives decides to check out Flagstaff, Arizona, as a possible city for the family’s relocation on next week’s SW. While he’s got his heart set on Utah, it looks like there’s too much at stake to move back to that state. This is a place where he could be prosecuted for his polygamous lifestyle.

SW: Christine Brown Scopes Out New City With Kody

But when the trip to Flagstaff comes together, it’s Christine who goes with Kody. Because Meri Brown was his first wife, there was once a time when she would be his co-pilot on this exploratory journey. In the scheme of things, Christine is the third wife in this plural marriage. So it’s not as if this Sister Wives spouse stepped up from second place into the first.

It’s not hard to spot Christine Brown going overboard to please Kody this season. Even when she confessed to not wanting to move, her biggest fear was ruffling Kody’s feathers. Furthermore, she worried if she bucked him too much it might put a wedge between her and her husband.

Don’t Ruffle Kody’s Feathers

At one point, Christine Brown suggested to Kody that she stay behind so the kids could finish out their school terms. She said in a Sister Wives confessional to the producer that her husband said “no”. Christine explained how she accepted the “no” because Kody is a “good man” who wouldn’t lead the family in the wrong direction.

Christine appeared overly concerned about pleasing the patriarch a few times so far this season. She’s seen laughing at his jokes when no one else thought they were funny. If Kody offers an online message or post, you can be sure it’s retweeted by Christine.

Overboard for Kody?

Some reports about Sister Wives third wife Christine suggest her weight loss also had to do with becoming more appealing for her husband. Christine Brown looks great, there’s no doubt about it. But did Christine do it for herself or to entice her husband?

Meri Brown has been a fan-favorite since the show started. But today Meri seems much more distant from Kody than in the earlier Sister Wives episodes. Meri also appears not to care too much about what he’s doing these days. Has Christine taken over for Meri when it comes to the first wife duties?

Also Christine Brown seems very invested in keeping the family together by planning dinners and events they can all attend. Christine Brown appears to be the heart of the family these days while Meri seems to stand on the sidelines.

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