‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blows Off Meri Brown As Family Debates Fate

Sister Wives star Kody Brown takes the floor on Sunday’s new episode but when Meri Brown has something to say he rudely shuts her down. Kody Brown’s treatment of Meri Brown is just about cordial this season. Also, it appears the two basically do nothing but tolerate each other so far.

Sister Wives News: Kody Brown In Business

During the latest Sister Wives episode, Kody Brown creates a boardroom-like meeting for his wives. It’s a sales meeting with this father of 18 attempting to sell Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown on a move.

He gives quite the presentation with poster boards, talking points, and a confession about his destiny.

Sister Wives: Kody Shares Utah Woes

Kody confessed to Mariah Brown on a previous Sister Wives episode that he wants to go back to Utah. Mariah Brown showed about as much emotion during her father’s confession as most folks would while grocery shopping.

Eventually, Mariah said that she doesn’t understand why her father would want to return to Utah. Also, she explains to the Sister Wives camera how it’s a state that basically kicked him out.

But They Love Me There…

On this week’s SW episode, Kody Brown pushes his Utah agenda on his four wives. The patriarch makes a plea to his spouses. Kody’s passion grows to anger but not until he pats himself on the back a few times. He wants to run for office in Utah and fight the polygamy laws from inside the legislative branch for that state.

Despite his past battles around these laws, he believes people love him in Utah. For every person who hates him in that state, there’s an equal number who adore him. Or at least this is how Kody Brown sees himself in the eyes of people in that state.

Kody’s first wife has been pretty good to her husband despite their marriage basically holding on by a thread. She’s there doing Sister Wives even though she’s been excluded from some family events and meetings. When Maddie gave birth, Meri Brown was the only wife not in the room.

Meri Brown Brown Slighted

When the spouses talked about helping with purchasing Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, they had a meeting. At that meeting, they came to a decision without the first wife present. Still, Meri Brown hung in there. But many fans believe she has every reason to leave. The comments in the Sister Wives posts indicate many fans want her to leave Kody Brown.

Meri’s presence on this show is probably more important than fans realize. Kody Brown wanted to do another season of Sister Wives after TLC canceled the show a few seasons back. He was so desperate, that this husband of four even drastically reduced the Sister Wives salary to make this happen.

Did Meri Sacrifice Happiness?

It only stands to reason that TLC wouldn’t want the show without all his wives on board. So chances are Meri, not only stayed as part of the family but moved with them as well to keep the SW show going.

Meri Brown doesn’t have much left within her marriage to Kody. He said in one  Sister Wives interview that he lost his romantic attraction to Meri. Also, Meri’s only daughter lives in Chicago, so there’s nothing keeping her as part of this family. Especially now that Meri Brown owns Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. If she wanted to go solo, she’s all set up to do so.

Meri Shut Down By Kody

Meri Brown has put up with a lot from Kody this season so far. It looks like Meri Brown gets a bit more crudeness on Sunday’s Sister Wives show. Kody looks determined about selling this move to his wives. Yet not one of them looks the least bit interested in moving back to Utah.

When Meri attempts to make a comment, Kody rudely shuts her down. Chances are her fans won’t take this very well. Kody’s frustration grows in the scene as his wives are all against the move he’s proposing. Although he doesn’t seem to take that attitude with anyone else at the time. It looks as though his first wife gets the brunt of it.

Kody’s attitude towards Meri seems to take a turn for the worse during that boardroom-like meeting on Sunday night’s episode. It’s caught on camera and you can see Meri hang her head down after Kody cuts her off.

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