‘Sister Wives’: Meri Offers Comic Relief in War of Wits With Kody?

Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Kody Brown are keeping the drama going online with possibly throwing in a little comedy for good measure. Despite the last season wrapping weeks ago, this husband and wife are still keeping the masses entertained. While it looks like a battle of wits between Kody and his first wife gains steam online, it’s also doing something else for the Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Hubby Kody Brown Keep It Going

If you think about it – it’s great publicity. It seems this back and forth between Meri and Kody is keeping Sister Wives in headline news. There’s no advertising better than free advertising. These on-going posting of quotes keep fans interested while waiting for news of a Sister Wives season 14. But so far there’s no word from TLC. In the meantime, Kody and Meri seem to poke at each other online. Or at least some fans think so.

Meri is one up on Kody right now with her last post, which offers an almost comical spin on what folks are calling cryptic messages online. The interest in Kody Brown and his first wife Meri Brown doesn’t seem to wane. Die-hard fans are reading between the lines of the posts created by Meri and her shared husband. While the other wives pipe-up now and then, it looks like the patriarch and matriarch of the Sister Wives show captured the interest of viewers today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

How It All Started

It started with Meri posting a message that contained a quote that talked about selfish women. Some followers of the Sister Wives clan immediately hopped online to suggest this message might be aimed at the other wives of Kody Brown.

They assumed Meri suggested one or more of her co-wives are selfish. Then Kody posted a message that centered on bitterness. It didn’t take long for fans of Sister Wives to speculate he’s retaliating against Meri’s post by suggesting she was bitter. Then came Meri and her ax-throwing post.

Sister Wives: Meri Offers Comic Spin – Does She Get the Last Laugh?

Now the latest post by Meri Brown seems to up the ante on this Sister Wives online saga. It not only contains another comment but it has a pic that seems to say something as well. The picture shows Meri preparing to throw an ax. The lines she added into the caption suggest she’s got a good sense of humor through all this as well. Maybe this is Meri’s way of getting the last laugh after all the reports analyzing the meaning of their messages emerged. Still, it’s one way to get any frustrations out.

This picture seems to also offer some comic relief to the reports of Sister Wives cryptic-like messages. A fan asked Meri who she might have in mind for that bullseye she’s about to aim for with that ax. She replied that was a bit morbid and she had no one in mind. So, it looks like Meri was just having fun.

Meri Brown described her pic as “Just a little ax throwing” and quipped “why not?”. She also let the fans know that she ha fun it and it may become her new hobby. While Meri never mentioned a name of any of her Sister Wives family members in any of her posts, neither did Kody Brown. But the fans seemed to think they know who they had in mind when posting these messages.

Check Mate in Online Word Games?

Today, Sister Wives enthusiasts wait for Kody’s next post after Meri’s epic ax throwing pic. Folks hop online assuming this social media melee is not over yet for the Sister Wives stars.  So they look to Kody’s social media pages for something that looks like his next retaliatory move. Will Kody follow suit and post something that not only keeps the fire going but adds a touch of comedy as Meri did?

Whether Meri and her sparring partner did this on purpose or not, it’s been a successful run for sure. Even though the Sister Wives season 13 ended weeks ago it’s like fans of this show are scripting a season of their own online. Whether they’re reading in between the lines correctly or not, Meri Brown and her long-time husband Kody have supplied their followers with some online entertainment. Along with lots of food for thought.

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