‘Sister Wives’: Meri Has Ax to Grind – Response to Kody’s ‘Bitter’ Message?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s latest online post appears to pack a punch if this latest pic is intended to send Kody Brown a message. Recent reports suggest a battle of quotes started online recently between Meri Brown and her shared husband Kody Brown. If this is the case then it looks like Meri just upped the level of this cryptic messaging exchange.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Chucking an Ax for Fun?

Neither one has mentioned the other’s name but the timing of these posts are uncanny. So much so that they have Sister Wives followers believing it’s a cryptic battle of messages. Every few days a new post pops up with the latest really upping the ante from Meri Brown. Is this is a battle of wits via cryptic messages? If so, then it looks like the patriarch and matriarch of this plural marriage found a new way of communicating their disenchantment today.

Up until today, both Meri and Kody only posted quotes online that seemed to refer to what’s going on in their lives. But now it appears Meri Brown took this a bit further by offering a new online photo. It’s almost comical when you think about it. The photo below shows Meri getting ready to launch an ax. Apparently while in Chicago visiting Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss, the ladies had an ax-throwing outing. Mariah is also seen on her Instagram page in the same position ready to chuck an ax. Just like her Sister Wives mom.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Mother-Daughter Ax Throwing Outing

While it’s not the typical mother-daughter outing – it works for the purpose of this seemingly online exchange with Kody Brown. Not to mention Meri said she “quite enjoyed it”. The Sister Wives matriarch captioned her picture with “Just a little ax throwing, because hey why not??” So how did this all start?

Meri Brown posted a quote on Instagram recently that had to do with “selfish” women. Some fans hopped online suggesting it looked like a strange message aimed at her other co-wives. Then a day or so later Kody Brown posted what fans lambasted as a rather odd quote. His had to do with being “bitter.” So to some followers of the Sister Wives, it looked as if Meri suggested a woman or women within this plural marriage was selfish. Then with Kody’s posted quote, it sounded to fans as if he aimed this at Meri, suggesting she was bitter.

Sister Wives: Online Battle of Browns?

The timing would substantiate an online exchange of the messages that seem so cryptic since one popped out after another. But Sister Wives viewers are just assuming this is the case. Now with Meri online ready to throw an ax, some fans think she’s fueling this battle even more today. She didn’t caption the picture explaining she was with her daughter attempting a new sport with tools. Even the way she presented the picture sounded mysterious.

One media outlet reported that Kody threw shade at Meri with his online bitterness quote. They wondered how his first wife would respond. Well, wonder no more, as Meri may have responded with this ax-throwing pic. So is Meri’s latest pic a jab at Kody Brown or the other spouses of her Sister Wives brood?

Maybe it’s all coincidental and Meri just happen to like that quote about selfishness among women. Maybe Kody had another reason to suddenly come up with a rather confusing few lines about bitterness. So either Meri’s got an ax to grind or she’s throwing a household tool as a possible new hobby. Let’s see what Kody posts next!

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