Sister Wives: Meri Gets More Than Food in New Dinner Pic With Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown took his wives, including Meri Brown, out to dinner last week and the photo seems to suggest some big changes. Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri surround their husband Kody, who sits at the head of the table. At first glance, one big change is noted, but if you look closer, there’s a couple more among his spouses.

First of all, it looks like big changes for Kody Brown himself. While the picture is dark, a closer look suggests he’s got a short-cropped hairdo. During the last season, there was so much fuss about his wild hair. Considering all the attention his locks pulled in, Kody’s hair could have had a show of its own. So, Kody Brown has a new look going on. With his flyaway hair now looking under control or possibly gone altogether, he’s got a tamer look today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Dinner Picture Tells a Few Stories?

Despite the change in Kody Brown’s looks, it seems there’s something bigger going on in this new picture. The family from the TLC show seem to mix things up a bit. They say every picture tells a story and that might ring true here. Now for the biggest change of all coming out of this pic, take a look at who’s sitting next to Kody at dinner. And no, it’s not Robyn this time around. It looks like the Kody Brown clan played musical chairs. Yes, Meri Brown has a seat next to the patriarch.

Viewers of the show commented frequently through the last season how Kody is flanked by Robyn on one side and Christine on the other. This is during segments on their show where sitting is involved, like the couch confessionals. Even on the final Sister Wives Tell All episode, Kody sat between Robyn and Christine.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Like Clock Work – Meri Brown First in Chronological Spouse Order

The same goes for Sister Wives family meetings, Meri Brown doesn’t usually sit next to her shared husband. While Janelle manages to claim that space once in a blue moon, Meri is usually one of the furthest away from Kody in sitting clips. It was Christine Brown who posted this pic on her Instagram account. In the photo’s caption, she went on about the tasty food at the restaurant they were at. She highlighted the grilled artichokes.

Sure, you can see five people in the photo, all who look like they’re waiting for their salads. But if you take a good look at the picture it offers up a few hints to other things as well. This photo of Kody Brown and his Sister Wives spouses out to dinner looks a bit orchestrated. More so than if five people randomly sat down at the table. It seems Kody has the women sitting clockwise in the order he married them.

Sister Wives Papa Brown and Wives Tease New Season?

The lineup starts with his first wife, Meri, on his right. Then there’s Janelle on his left as his second wife. Next to her is Christine, who is the third wife to enter into Kody’s plural marriage. Then finally there’s Robyn, who’s the last wife to come on board. First of all, this just might be a man taking his four wives to dinner. But it could also be a teaser of sorts for another season. TLC has offered nothing official about a renewal of Sister Wives or a cancellation. So for now, it’s up in the air for fans.

While this is one happy-looking shared spouse dinner, there are a few clues that hint to a promotional pic. The seating arrangement is a big one. Meri next to Kody Brown is not something seen in recent seasons. Does this picture hint to a romance reboot for Meri Brown and her husband? Does it offer evidence to what Kody and Meri tried to promote during the “Tell All”? They were adamant they’re working on their relationship. Then there’s the bottle on the table which also might offer a clue.

Label Turned So You Can’t See It – Table Void of Brands

This bottle is turned so you can’t see the label, which is something the Sister Wives camera crew does while filming. Usually, reality shows tend to block out brand names and labels unless of course, they advertise their products with the network.

Of course, whoever had the bottle last could have plunked it down that way without it meaning a thing. But it looks like there might be something more to this happy picture of a Brown spouse outing than meets the eye.

Take a look back eight years ago when Meri Brown was outgoing and a big part of the Kody Brown family in the video below. Compare that to the last season when Meri often sat off to the side. Fans want to see if the old Meri might return if TLC does roll out another season.

Sister Wives: No Denying Popularity?

If viewers think Meri Brown and Kody Brown are doing well relationship wise, this will entice them back. It seems the interest of the fans perks up when it has anything to do with Meri Brown. The pic might act as an enticer for Sister Wives fans to tune in if another season comes down the line from TLC. Who knows, maybe the filming is going on as they sit in that restaurant. This is the way the camera crew would set up a scene with the turned bottle so the brand isn’t visible if that were the case.

You can’t deny this family’s popularity. Christine posted their dinner photo on her Instagram page and it raked in over 8K in “Likes” after just four hours online. On Janelle’s page, it got almost 40K “Likes” in one day.

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