‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Brown’s Tweets Plug a New Season?

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Meri Brown offer plenty of bait to entice the viewers back for a new season of the TLC show. That’s if the TLC powers-who-be happen to decide it’s worth another shot. It looks like both Kody and Meri Brown dropped a few hints about their lives today. This just might spark enough interest.

Kody appears to dabble in political issues online. His latest tweets seem concerned with at least one national hot button issue, pro-life. The other political topic is near and dear to his heart and lifestyle. That’s the recent treatment of those living a polygamist lifestyle. It seems the latest news on that topic has Kody Brown furious.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hot Button Issues – Meri Brown Vegas Homesick

This is a serious issue for the Sister Wives patriarch. Kody Brown hinted last season that he might run for office. His idea is to battle the polygamy laws from the inside as a lawmaker. Kody enlightens his social media followers on the laws regarding polygamy.

Now it looks like those laws put the careers in jeopardy of lawyers and judges who live as a spouse in plural marriage. Is Kody Brown hinting that politics is in his future?

Then Meri Brown popped up with a rather sad post yesterday. It suggests Kody Brown has at least one wife not feeling that Flagstaff is home. She went as far as to share how she suddenly felt overwhelmed with sadness. This hit her recently when realizing she misses her life in Vegas.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown and Kody Looked Promising – What Happened?

When viewers last heard from the Sister Wives family, Kody and Meri were working things out between them. They had a rocky few years but both felt their marriage is worth saving. Meri even called her shared husband “baby” on the Tell All.

Kody said it was like having a new girlfriend while he’s back in a dating stage with Meri Brown. It sounded promising at the time but months have gone by since the taping of the Tell All episode. Today it’s not looking so good to some Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives: No More Mention of New Girlfriend Stage

Neither Kody Brown or Meri Brown have posted a smidgeon, a blurb, or so much as an inkling to suggest the two are still together. Meri Brown didn’t use the word “lonely” in her recent post. But she sure sounded lonely. Meri lives alone in a house. All the Sister Wives spouses homes are miles apart from each other in Flagstaff. So it sounds as if Meri is missing what they had back in Nevada.

The recent tweets from Kody Brown and his wife, Meri Brown sparked some interest. People want to know how the Sister Wives family is doing today. Besides the tweets, the Brown clan also left some cliffhangers last season. Their unfinished business might also entice viewers back if TLC does decide to give them another run.

Unfinished Storylines

While wanting to know where Meri and Kody stand as wife and husband, other unfinished business spikes interest still today. Another Sister Wives question still churns debate online. That’s Kody Brown’s big house.

Viewers want to know if Kody Brown’s massive dwelling in blueprints materialized on land. Kody Brown waved around that home design last season during a few episodes. While he said it was one last attempt to get his Sister Wives spouses to see things his way, some viewers doubted that.

Those viewers thought if Kody went as far as to hire the person to design a house, he meant business. It looked as if Kody Brown wasn’t going to sway from his vision. But there’s no word on whether or not the house is a go.

Sister Wives: Big Abode or Four Little Dwellings?

The decision to buy the Coyote Pass land took up a few episodes of Sister Wives last season. So the viewers’ interest spiked and they still want to know if four homes or one big arch of a house ends up on that land.

It looks like the question remains – Will Sister Wives get another season to answer all these questions for their viewers? So far, there’s no official word from TLC on whether or not that will happen.

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