‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Overwhelmed in Sadness Today – Several Months After Move

Sister Wives star Meri Brown became so overwhelmed with sadness yesterday as her past eight years came flooding back to her. Now settled in Flagstaff since last summer, it suddenly hit her how much she misses Vegas. Kody Brown insisted on leading whether his wives like the move or not. Apparently, at least one wife isn’t feeling quite at home in her new surroundings.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Regrets the Move?

It looks like Kody Brown has at least one unhappy wife when it comes to missing her Vegas home. So far, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine haven’t really shared their feelings on their new homes in Flagstaff. Initially, they bulked, then the wives looked fine with the move. But now that several months have gone by one wife is speaking out – Meri.

It looks like Meri Brown felt a bit guilty sharing this overwhelming emotion with her fans. She reprimanded herself by saying how her “backyard is the mountains.” Then she asked – “How can I not love this?” It sounds like this Sister Wives spouse recognizes that she’s in tranquil surroundings. But even though it’s beautiful, it seems Meri is missing her last home.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Kody Brown Led the Family to Arizona

When Kody Brown first suggested this move, all three Sister Wives women wanted nothing to do with it. Fans weren’t privy to how the decision actually played out in details. One episode it was a no-go for the four spouses of Kody Brown. The next episode, they’re planning the move.

The patriarch had blueprints created for a house the four wives didn’t want. It’s a monstrous castle-like home with four separate living quarters. He also stated on Sister Wives show that he is going to lead his family and sometimes they’re not going to like it.

Well, they didn’t like the idea of moving at first and maybe that’s how this big house plays out as well. They say no, but maybe Kody takes the lead again.

Sister Wives: Vacant Building Lots

As far as Sister Wives fans know today, their four building lots in Flagstaff remain vacant. The four wives moved to rental homes, except for Christine, who purchased her temporary house. But they live miles apart in that city.

After calling Vegas home for the last eight years it suddenly hit Meri Brown that she misses all she’s left behind. With her only child, Mariah Brown, all grown up and moved out, Meri isn’t strapped to chasing toddlers around anymore.

Unlike the other Sister Wives spouses, Meri Brown doesn’t have any kids depending upon her. She’s basically a free spirit these days. Except, of course, she’s in this plural marriage and according to sources, she’s not planning on leaving her shared husband.

Meri Brown Looking for New ‘Trustworthy Friends’

What the first wife in this plural marriage misses are the friends that she’s moved away from. Like anybody else who’s ever moved out of the area of your old home, you say you’ll visit but that somehow doesn’t always happen.

After Meri Brown shares her sadness about missing Vegas, it appears she tries to talk herself out of that feeling. This Sister Wives mom of one explains how she’s looking forward to the summer in Flagstaff. She also looks forward to exploring her new city. Meri plans to meet new friends. But she has criteria for friend making these days. She wants to meet “trustworthy friends.”

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