‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Ghostly Tale And Uncanny Connection With Lizzie

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might have more in common with her great-grandmother Lizzie than she even realizes today. It looks like Lizzie’s Heritage Inn conjured up a few things for the first wife of Kody Brown. That’s besides the original discord within the family over her need to open this establishment.

Meri Brown fans know how hard she worked making her dream come true with the B&B, which she named after her ancestor. Not to mention, this Sister Wives accomplishment is not a family affair. Meri Brown did this all on her own and she’s the sole owner of the now popular B&B.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Her Infatuation with Lizzie

It looked like the Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown, bucked his first wife all the way as she tried to get the inn up and going. He first offered to help with the down payment on the establishment just to renege on that offer a while later. He wanted part of that business for the family’s combined holdings, which he manages for his wives.

Kody also questioned Meri’s business plan and her capability to make money from this venture. Meri Brown wasn’t about to relinquish her dream no matter how discouraging her Sister Wives family became. So, in the end, it looks like Kody Brown didn’t get a piece of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. And, it seems his first wife made a real go at this business. After only a year in operation, the Official Best of Utah named Lizzie’s the “Best Country Inn” in Utah for 2018. And it’s pretty affordable.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn Has a Ghost?

Lizzie’s Inn is run by Meri Brown’s mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, but it looks like another ancestor may be roaming the halls. Meri revealed that the inn may have a ghost. Possibly, it’s the spirit of someone from the Adams’ family and one of Meri’s ancestors. The Sister Wives celeb’s great-great-grandmother, Sara, might still occupy the same room she did when she was alive, suggests Meri Brown.

While this Sister Wives mom has never seen the ghost, she does say others reported seeing her. Meri feels a deep connection with her family, both past and present. She also has a fascination with her great-grandmother Lizzie, who she named the inn after. But Meri might not realize just how much in common she shares with Lizzie.

A recent whimsical post by the Sister Wives matriarch explained how Meri did something backward. Or at least the opposite of how most women go about this. Instead of finding shoes to match an outfit, Meri found an outfit to go with her shoes. But it wasn’t the shoes or the clothes that struck a cord that’s in tune with Lizzie, it was the color she likes.

Sister Wives: Color Comes Down Through the Generations

Meri found a pair of burnt orange shoes, it seems she likes that color. Not long before she shared her shoe post with her Sister Wives followers, she shared a post about a dress made and once worn by Lizzie herself. Notice that burnt orange is also the background color of Lizzie’s dress. That’s not the most common of colors like blue, red, green, or yellow.

So it looks like burnt orange has carried through the generations for Meri’s family. Or maybe Meri has honed in on Lizzie’s energy while spending time in her ancestral home. Either way, it was quite the coincidence that both Lizzie and her Sister Wives great-granddaughter, Meri Brown seem to like that unique color. And even more of a coincidence that this tidbit would surface decades after Lizzie’s passing.

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