‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Barks Up Wrong Tree Sniffing for a Job?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown returns in rare form Sunday night as he springs his next adventure on his four very disenchanted wives. It looks like Robyn, Janelle, Christine, and Meri Brown refuse to buy what he’s selling this time around. Furthermore, the fans find this husband’s presentation a bit of a fairy tale as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fairy Tale Job

It looks like the Sister Wives patriarch has a new job in mind. But some fans are still waiting to find out the details of his old job. It seems Kody Brown lays it on the line tonight to his four wives – he wants to run for office.

This father of 18 stays true to form, as he doesn’t offer any details on just what “office” he intends to get. But he wants to move to Utah, run for a political office, and fight the laws of polygamy. With that said, fans had a field day. The quips kept coming after they watched the clip for Sunday night’s preview, which is seen below in this article.

SW Fans See Kody as Selfish

First of all, the most prevalent comment from the fans of Sister Wives about Kody’s latest idea is – he’s “selfish”. Viewers of the show see the man with four wives thinking only of himself. Secondly, Kody Brown appears to drive the fans crazy with that mop of straggly hair.

A few commenters asked how anyone can take him seriously with the hairdo he’s sporting today. Like a dandelion gone to seed, Kody’s hair is in dire need of a fix, suggest the arm-chair comedians.

Hair-Raising Ideas – Missing His Calling for Work

Nevermind running for office, “run to the barber,” one fan suggested. Another fan asked why his four wives don’t say anything about how foolish Kody Brown looks. Still, others didn’t sugar-coat suggestions for the man with the famous plural marriage. If the Sister Wives husband plans to run for any office, he’s got to tame that hair.

It looks like Kody Brown might be fishing for work in all the wrong places. With the amount of publicity that mop top of his collects, he’s a prime candidate for a hair product commercial. Some company out there has to have some product that can get rid of all that frizz.

Only His Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Kody Brown can be the modern-day “Mr. Clariol” with a few before and after shots. Because if anyone ever needed some hair fixing, Kody does, suggests the fans of the Sister Wives show.

As far as Kody’s political aspirations go, the Sister Wives fans were full of comparisons. Seems like one commenter compares Kody to a classic TV character. That is if he manages to get into office. One humorous fan sees the Brown patriarch looking like a replay of the days when Barney Fife ruled over Mayberry.

Barney Fife was Sherif Andy Taylor’s fumbling deputy sidekick on the classic Andy Griffith show. Certainly, baby boomers remember Barney, who was played by Don Knotts. Also, the show had Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor.

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